Thursday, August 30, 2007

Application to my Sometimes Resident Engineer

I, the undersigned, have noticed that the electricity bill for our residence shows great variations depending on the presence or absence of one single member of this family for any given billing cycle.
Since this family member shares a double room with his spouse, there should not, logically, be any significant variation in electricity consumption.
On close observation over long periods of time, it was found that this particular family member is challenged by electrical switches. They can, if the occasion warrants, be switched to the 'ON' position. It is, however, virtually impossible for them to be switched 'OFF'.
Since no strategy has proved successful so far, technology is the last resort.
I request you to install sensors in my residence, which will automatically switch off lights and fans and appliances such as electric water heaters when they are not in use. Bathroom lights and exhaust fans are a particular source of wastage of electricity. Once these sensors are installed, as a positive spin-off, energy wasted in nagging will also be saved.
Automatic off-switches for taps are also required. Closing taps properly is also a challenge for this particular family member, and we ought to save every drop of water that we can.

Hoping for a successful and speedy installation,
Your hopefully energy and water saving,


the mad momma said...

LOL! I believe I am that member in this family...

Sue said...

Won't work. Nothing does.

My father did reform a bit after he received an electricity bill for I think Rs. 5000.

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

*Chuckle* I didnt know you had this sense of humor Dipali, I always think of you as a sensible mother hen types

Gauri said...

Good one !!

Anonymous said...

if an errant spouse around the house is your only complaint, honey, you're blessed! ;0)

Anonymous said...

good job mom,but are sympathies are with dad.after reading yhe first two posts i get the feeling theres going to be a lot of dad bashing in this blog.keep up the good work!

dipali said...

TMM: every house has one!
Sue: I'm the only person in this house dealing with the wretched bills, even though he earns the money to pay them, so there is no hope(:

Poppins: there are many facets to this mother hen- ask Sue: she knows
that I also crack ghastly puns.

Gauri: Thankoo

OJ: I know I am:)

Aman: what Dad-bashing? Do I dare do such a thing? Son-bashing, now that sounds very promising!

The Sometimes Resident Engineer has declared that since the capital expenditure on getting sensors installed is way too high, the status quo will be maintained!
Back to fruitless nagging:)

Usha said...

hehehe...and looking forward to reading the response!

Sukhaloka said...

Hopped over from your latest post.

Has the application helped any?

mummyjaan said...

Wow. I thought *my* "sometimes resident shrink" was the only person who would leave taps on in the bathroom. Any progress on that front?

Natasha said...

Oh my god, Dipali. This is positively brilliant.
Going to give it to Hubby Dearest as a birthday gift - the gift is that I did not write it :-)