Monday, December 17, 2007

More quirks?

Dear 2B's Mom and Parul,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your tag.

Five of my quirks are already listed here (

Can I find even more weird things about myself?

I should consult the Sometimes Resident Engineer- I'm sure he'd have dozens of things to add.

6. I think I'm rather allergic to glamour. If someone is extremely well-dressed and well made up, I will assume that that person is rather shallow. I may take back that assumption later, but I guess I tend to like people who, like me, are more Zenful about their appearance.
(So if you are meeting me, be prepared for a casual and comfortable looking person, who will no longer be caught dead in high heels and who uses lipstick maybe twenty times a year. But I do have a wonderful collection of perfume, so I will smell rather nice!)
But if I've been reading your blog and I like what I read and hence continue to read your writings, you can be as glamorous as you want to be- I already like you.

7. I seem to be changing the colour schemes in the various rooms in my house more than most 'normal' people seem to do. Which means that I keep changing cushion covers and bed covers and rugs along with other knick knacks. I even colour coordinate the few perfume bottles that I keep on my dressing table at any given time. Not only do I kill myself doing all this, whoever comes home is supposed to notice and appreciate the new look. Especially the SRE.

I think I've revealed enough quirkiness. Whomsoever hasn't already, or has but would like to indulge in some more introspective revelations, please go ahead with this tag.


Sue said...


I do notice the change in interior decor. Just in case you thought I don't.

And I organise toiletries on our mangy ol' bathroom shelf so that they are all arranged heightwise. Sheesh.

Savani said...

zenful appearance?!!! ROTFL. Now THAT was a phrase I was waiting for.. nicely put!

Indian in NZ said...

I can identify with #6 Dipali ! Wonderful to know more about you :-)

Space Bar said...

re #7, you and my mum are soulmates. every time she re-does rooms, i run and hide until it's done. and then i'm prepared to enjoy the results. but really, must the house be turned upside down?

please tell me you don't make your own ghee...that would be too much.

neha vish said...

I have the same issue with glamour. But then, you probably already knew that. :)

Anonymous said...

About #7, I can assure you that you are nowhere close to overdoing it. I have a friend who periodically changes the paint color on her walls - she even repaints the room herself!

dipali said...

sue, you skipped the last major change- you entirely missed my sitting room when it was cream and black with red highlights(:
dotmom, we must use words that are good for our morale:)
2 b's mommy, nice to know we share this trait:)
space bar, I'm sure your mother is a kindred soul. Gulps, swallows and whispers in embarrassment: I used to make my own ghee.
neha, when are you doing this tag anyway?
lekhni, I don't even think about changing wall colours! I'm always happy with cream walls:)

Choxbox said...

ditto on the glamour bit!