Monday, January 21, 2008

To Dipali, one year ago!

This tag is from Chandni. A letter from the person I am today to the person I was a year ago. Given that I'm getting on in years and am quite scatterbrained, it is a little daunting, but I SHALL TRY!

Dear Dipali of January 2007,
You do not, obviously, know what I know. Given that you are no spring chicken, and that there are really no major changes expected for a laid-back, middle aged person like you, you are actually in for a surprise. When you rang in 2007 at the Tollygunje Club with the (visiting) younger son, the Sometimes Resident Corporate Type and his colleagues and their families, you had no clue about the new identity which was lying in wait for you, as the year progressed. Or about your travels over the year. 2007 was far more eventful than you ever imagined it could be.
You had been reading blogs for quite some time, and had even met Lalita, on what was your first blind date ever! You had even commented on a few blogs, and had many people telling you to start your own. Kiran kindly invited you to do a guest post, which you did. You had been part of a very exciting community, as a commenter, and then went on to acquire a brand new identity as a blogger. It took till the end of August to do that, but by then you had already made many wonderful friends who were rooting for you, and who are all to be blamed for Encouraging the Dinosaur! By year end you had also met Surabhi, Sunayana, the Mad Momma, Rimi, and several of their family members. You also felt strongly connected to many others, who, though yet unmet, are most definitely friends. You also realised that this brave new world has its fair share of vermin, sad to say.
You also travelled. After decades. Does travel broaden the mind? Maybe, maybe not. In your case it helped further broaden ze bod, what with wonderful meals lovingly served by family and friends. You also managed to converse with Choxbox while in England, and meet Neha after several years. Besides, of course, some wonderful non-blogging friends. Yes, they actually do exist!
You metamorphosed into a blog-addict. Yet one more reason for your children's amusement, particularly that of the older son. Despite all the teasing, they do miss your blog, if there's a long gap between posts.
One year ago you certainly did not know that the Sometimes Resident Engineer would, from a long time wannabe golfer, become an actual golfer. And a Sunday poet. Who wishes you to post his poems on your blog.
One year ago you did not know that indigestion could actually give you a royal pain in the butt. Or that you would actually be scared out of your wits by an episode of vertigo. Or that Kolkata hosted the amazing Dover Lane music conference, and that the Sometimes Resident Spouse would happily escort you to late night and all night concerts. And actually get interested in the magical world of Hindustani classical music!
Life continues magical, humdrum, routine and astonishing, all at the same time. Enjoy your life and be thankful for whatever is.
I think you are like a fine wine, improving as you age!
Keep up the good work.
Lots of love,
Dipali at the beginning of 2008!


Unknown said...

Dipali - what a lovely post . Dyou know I started blogging on being encouraged by a veteran blogger . Although I post in fits and starts - I love going through my regulars including you ! Although you dont post often enough . and believe me I am so comforted by the fact that in Kolkata there is another middle aged momma blogging!

the mad momma said...

yay!!!!! lovely post. I agree. you are like fine wine. I am sure the SRE knows that!

Anonymous said...

Lovely letter Dipali - I enjoy visiting your blog and hope that you keep blogging in 2008 too.

Gauri said...

Lovely post :-) And I so agree with the "you are like fine wine" part Dipali.

Space Bar said...

and don't stop, ok - that's the trouble with these portentous posts. they lead to drastic stoppages!

Anonymous said...

that is so nice and positive!!!!

We missed you at the meet yesterday, we have to have one soon! While I try and make it to cal, please plan a visit to delhi!

And a great positive post....its so important to be thankful for whatever we recieve!
- chandni

Sue said...

Oh I'm so glad you're enjoying the Dover Lane shindig. I thought you'd like it. You might enjoy the JU English Dept. production 'Knight of the Burning Pestle' Saw it tonight and loved it.

How did you like 'Dream'?

dipali said...

Thank you, everyone.

Eve's lungs: we must get together sometime- do mail.