Friday, March 14, 2008

Happiness is...

Kiran tagged me for this- what makes me happy. Lots of things. Here goes:

Early mornings- the air, the freshness, the birdsong. An early morning walk gives me all of these.

Birds- magical creatures, especially the not so common ones like orioles and drongos.

Trees- fascinating, life-enhancing, joy giving.

Water bodies- the bigger, the better.

The Sometimes Resident Engineer snoring his head off! It means he's there with me.

Recognising a raga on the radio! I'm an untrained aficionada of Hindustani classical music, have been listening with great pleasure for the last thirty five years. I heard shades of both Raga Nand and Raga Kedar in a composition on the radio, and was thrilled to learn that it was actually Nand Kedar. Major joy, though rare:) Some compositions resonate within, so do some ragas.

A good book.

A perfect cup of tea.

Being with friends.

Being with my kids, and with several members of the extended family (not all!).

Lots of music.

A good meal with friends, especially something I've made. I like my rather eclectic combos.

Hindi fillums- unless they are truly ghastly- I usually enjoy myself thoroughly.

Babies and little kids.

My house when it's nice and tidy.

Some of my clothes:)

A good haircut.

Let me pass this tag on to Nat, 2b's mommy, Neera, Usha, Lekhni and Jawahara.


Unknown said...

Am with you on the haircut, the house and the spouse snoring next to one...lovely post.

Anonymous said...

long long day at work.. and then your post! :)))) instant big wide grin!!!! :D

Nat said...

Loved your post and totally understand the snoring spouse. I feel ya. The water bodies and everything.
Tag's done btw!

Choxbox said...

tag done(8 wala).

mayG said...

ohh I second your early mornings, water bodies, having hubby around, babies, tidy house.. so many actually..

but meals with friends - I'd be so much happier indulging in ones I didn't cook myself! used to be so much fun when I didn't have to do it everyday!

Unknown said...

Yo Dipali - I feel left out (scowl).But I enjoy watching the sun come out as I finish walking down one side of the lakes and babies make me feel very happy too. Liked your post !

Indian in NZ said...

Snoring hubby always annoyed me, but your post gave a new way to look at it - he is there ! Nice.

Will do the tag soon ( just finished an old one ! ).

Anonymous said...

I love a lot of these things in they make me happy :)

Usha said...

Mmmm. absolutely wonderful. reading this post and imagining some of those moments made me so happy! :)
And done it too ma'm!

Choxbox said...

what is little dipali? i mean till when would you consider them little? (trying to figure if mine fit into your definition still)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the new spin on snoring hubbies. shall be more tolerant !

Mystic Margarita said...

Great list :D

Banno said...

All the little things. True happiness. :)

dipali said...

@karmickids: these are the little things that make up one's life, no!
@anshu: keep grinning, my dear:)
@choxbox:incomplete assignment:)
@mayg: nice to see you here! Everyday cooking can get monotonous,although I do try and be either zenful or loving whenever I cook, but cooking for friends is great fun, especially if they are people you haven't fed before, and they like all your special dishes:)
@eve's lungs: Can I tag you post facto? Do it, do it!
@2b's mom: I know you're extra busy now. As for snoring hubbies, definitely better than insomniac ones:)
@chandni: It's usually the little things:)
@usha: nice list you had:)
@choxbox: I guess your two qualify!
Now when are you bringing them over?
@anonymous: they don't actually snore just to annoy us, you know:)
@mystic margarita:Thanks:)
@banno:you said it:)