Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At the very Core

Of all relationships is a single word,
If it's not there, or lacking,
no relationship will never
take off
or be meaningful
or not frustrate.
Who teaches it to whom?
As children, we learn from
all whom we see
how they deal with others
of different stations
in life.
With the others
in their lives, both significant and not so very,
but part of human interaction.
Not just human either-
both the plant and animal kingdom,
the Earth, the sea, the sky........
And, of course, your Self.
No licence for selfishness,
but an acceptance of yourself
as a worthy member of the species
as valid as any other.
Guard it well.


DotThoughts said...

how true!

OrangeJammies said...

And ne'er was a truer word blogged.

Nat said...

so true dipali. and you're a great example. hugs.

Cee Kay said...

So very true!!

Choxbox said...


Indian in NZ said...

very true.

chandni said...

such a profound thought and said so simply.

Indeed, truer words were never said

ra said...

how true. did something prompt this?

Mampi said...

Yes, so right.
Well expressed Dipali.

Unmana said...

May I add to the chorus of voices that say, "so true"?

Phoenixritu said...

Great thoughts

Subhashree said...

So true and so profound.

Sue said...

Point noted. Need to work on it. Am working on it, I promise.