Thursday, September 17, 2009

Companion piece

While listening to Worldspace this morning, I learned that the harmonium player par excellence,
Appa Jalgaonkar is no more. His was a familiar name, a person who often accompanied great maestros, a consummate musician who enhanced every performance he was part of. I had had the pleasure of meeting him several years ago, after a concert in which he had accompanied Pandit Jasraj, in Kochi. He was warm and friendly, with twinkling eyes and thinning white hair, a pleasure to meet. The Hindustani music scene will be poorer without him.

A morning thought- however great a maestro's performance, without good accompaniment, it would be like a painter's masterpiece, poorly framed.

Rest in peace, Appa. Your contribution has been immense.


Natasha said...

Too many musicians departing from the classical music scene. As a nation we are poorer for it.

And loved your thought on the people who accompany - in music and in life.

Anonymous said...


Oh no.. did not know about this..
I have been fortunate enough too to have heard him live .. gosh what is happening ?So many talented musicians passing away in such a short space of time....

Anonymous said...

One good thing is that artists live on in their recorded work and coming generations will benefit. RIP.

ra said...

very sad news. and how true your last line is.

DotThoughts said...

I had no idea Appa Jalgaonkar passed away.My my father always thought that with such talent it was said he was forever an accompanist. But I loved your take on it. Rest in Peace.