Sunday, August 12, 2012

For a young man I never knew

You are no more,
A young man I never knew,
Yet knew of as part of
a dear friend's family

You ended your young life
in despair so deep
that you couldn't go on
despite medication
for the depression that
claimed your life

Learning of your death
shook me up in many ways
I grieved for you, your family
All those who loved you
And yet whose love
was not enough
to conquer your despair

The darkness of your end
showed me light:
my love needs to reach
those I care for,
Unblocked by rage, resentment
and an unwillingness to forgive.
It needs to flow in open channels
Reaching all whom I care for

Let me not add to the grief in this world
I pray, through thought, word or deed
Let love, joy and peace be mine,
Enough to have, enough to give

May your soul rest in eternal peace.
I thank you for helping restore mine.
Rest in peace, I pray.
May your loved ones be blessed with peace.


A day in the life of a MOM said...

A heartfelt tribute. loved reading it.

Banno said...

That is so sad, Dipali. So sorry for the young person's family. You are so right about showing your love to the people around you, without reservations.

dipali said...

@A day in the life of a MOM: Thank you.
@Banno: Within a week of this, one of my younger son's friends took this same extreme step. The pain and guilt he left behind were agony to witness. It has been really hard to come to terms with these losses.

Unknown said...

So sad Dipali -

yasmeen sait said...

These must be the saddest moments in our lives. Such heartbreaking incidents leave not only us in gloom but also affects unrelated people.

Thinking Cramps said...

Dipali, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I wish the families of both boys all the strength in the world, and more. It's deeply saddening.

dipali said...

@Mallika: It is.
@Yasmeen: Whoever hears about these tragic deaths cannot help but be deeply affected. So much pain all around.
@Thanking Cramps: Thank you. I'm sure our prayers will reach them, help them go on.

Mishika said...

My love needs to reach those I care for, so true.

dipali said...

@Mishika: And yet a thousand things can come in the way:(