Thursday, November 19, 2015

I found our guest room bed today

It was there last Friday,
And the bedcover and cushion covers
had been changed recently,
after I had spotted
monkey paw prints in that room
after the dreaded invasion
which was not as catastrophic
as it could have been.

But the clean and tidy bed
vanished after last Friday.
We had an overnight guest,
for whom a single sheet was spread
on top of the bedcover,
given the brevity of her stay.

And then our social life
went into overdrive,
and the guest room bed
vanished under piles of
ironed laundry (three separate loads)
unironed laundry,
socks and underclothing,
towels, napkins, dishcloths,
tea towels, shorts,
pyjamas, nightgowns

All overtook the poor bed
in a few short days.
I'm so glad it's found,
and I wonder to myself,
just for how long will we see it
neat and tidy?


Sakshi said...

This is an adorable piece, if adorable is a word one can use for a piece. You're not saying much yet you are, so much. Are you saying there's paucity of place to pile the laundry? Are you saying you like your house tidy? Or, dear me, are you saying you rather have no guests and walk around, as a mistress surveying her well-kept wares.
It seems simple, but it may as well not be. I absolutely loved this!

dipali said...

Paucity of time, more than anything else! It was the social whirlwind that did it!