Wednesday, July 26, 2017


As the youngest sibling,
I was a jealous little cat.
Eleven years older than me,
our brother was
almost an adult,
possessed of many skills
that we couldn't even aspire to,
in a league of his own.
But my sister: my sister
was only two years older
two years and two months older,
to be precise.
And those mere two years
granted her privileges
that little me craved.
I wanted to be older,
and smarter, and taller,
and prettier.....
It all seemed because
of her being older.
(She had her own
jealousies, of course.
I was younger, hence
spoiled, lazy.
I had nicely shaped fingernails
compared to her stubby ones).

And now, now that
I'm a few days older than she ever was,
ever can be.
It's not fun at all.


Anonymous said...

beautiful.. very well written! and sad :(

Kiran Chaturvedi said...

Oh god this is unbearable in its love and sadness! Hugs!!! So beautiful and succinct and true.

JLT said...

Hugs, dearest Dipali! :-(

Unknown said...

Beautifully written, and very honest. This is how families are, and why they are endlessly fascinating!

A said...

Beautiful lines, loved it.

Anonymous said...

Hugs, Dipali! Very touching.


Gouri Dange said...

siblings exiting is an erasing/erasure of a very very unreal kind. hugs

Shail said...

Those last lines...! They say it so touchingly.