Sunday, May 30, 2021

On Ankit Chadha's death anniversary


It's been three long years
Since you left us in tears
Grappling with a grief immense
And we miss you still, so much
But if you had to go,
(And it must have been ordained
Why else would it have happened,
Your departure from our world?)
I am glad you went when you did
(I never thought I could say this)
Before this disease took over our world
There were hundreds of us there
To bid you farewell
Your sorrowing parents, family, friends.
Together we mourned you
Sought comfort together
No screens separating us
No masks.
Our grief was naked
And shared
And somehow,
Slowly, but somehow,
We learned to live without you.
Today, death is wildly rampant
Working overtime
Our quota of grief numbed
By the sheer volume of loss.
Our tears have frozen
In our grief stricken hearts.

If you had to go so young,
I'm glad you went then...

9th May, 2021

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