Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Animal Within

Violence of any kind is something that distresses me immensely. I know all too well that it lurks not far below the surface in most of us, barring a few highly evolved souls, who have gone beyond rage and violence. Such rare beings seem to exude Love in its most universal sense, a reflection of true godliness. The Mad Momma has written a chilling account of domestic violence here, and though I do not believe that counter-violence is a fitting revenge, her post catalysed a discussion in my home on the violence all around us .

And of course the SRE had to come up with a poem about this distressing aspect of the human condition. Here goes:

Aadmi Aadmi

Har taraf nafrat, chalo sochein samjhein:
Aadmi aadmi se nafrat kartaa kyon hai?

Zameen jaydaad ka jhagda har baar to nahin hota.
Mera mazhab terey mazhab se alag hai,
Na maine dekha hai na tooney, per mera khuda terey khuda se ooncha hai.

Aadmi aadmi se nafrat karta kyon hai?

Mera sach sach hai, baakee sab kahaani,
Merey dard ke aagey, sab kuchh paani.

Aadmi aadmi se nafrat karta kyon hai?.

Jo main sochoon sab sahee, jo main kahoon sab sunein aur karein.
Hum raja, tum praja, jo chaahe sazaa de dein

Aadmi aadmi se nafrat karta kyon hai?

Nafrat se nafrat janam leti hai yeh suntaa aya hoon.
Pyar ke evaz main bhi nafrat ka ambar milta hai ye bhi jaana

Aadmi aadmi se nafrat karta kyon hai?

Lakh tatola to yeh jaana, sadiyon se merey andar
Insaan kee rooh ka pyasaa ek khunkhaar jaanwar hai
Us janwar se peecha chudaon kaise?
Apne andar kee nafrat ko mitaoan kaise?

Ab janaa ki aadmi aadmi se nafrat kartaa kyon hai.


SD said...

What a poignant 'kavita' by SRE. Very touching.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Absolutely spot on.

Gauri said...

Absolutely hit the nail on teh head there Dipali. What you and the SRE have said is so very true.

There does lurk that streak of anger/ruthlessness inside every living being - difference being that animals are more open about it while we humans cover it up with facades of all kinds.

And yet, we have the nerve to call ourselves the "most evolved" of all species !!!

Anonymous said...

translation, translation!

Anonymous said...


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Ugich Konitari said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. You mentioned someone in Sydney telling you about my blog. Was it the Gurjars ? Just curious. I dont know anyone else there who reads/used to read my blog :-)

Mampi said...

Well said,
Thanks for sharing.