Friday, October 1, 2010

Almost home!

We got home last week, but are off again to celebrate my sister-in-law's golden anniversary.
Back next week.
Let me leave you with one of my favourite pictures from this trip- a kitten near a gate in the Topkapi Palace, Istanbul.


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Istanbul, did you say? I'm all ears!

I've been doing research (basically drooling over people's pictures on FB) about Istanbul. Want to visit it sometime next year.. looking forward to your first hand account too :)

Have fun at your SIL's anniversary.. best wishes to her.

Uttara said...

so miniscule and cute! and you were in Turkey!!!

starry eyed said...

Oh Topkapi!!! Had been to Turkey as a 13 year old...did you visit the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia??? Wish I could go again!

Darned cute pic!

Unknown said...

I've got Istanbul playing on my music player . I love this pic . Can you do a close up detailing of the kitty ?
And post your other pics pronto

Banno said...

Welcome!! Have fun at the party. :)

d said...

you were in istanbul? wow. hoping to read a full account soon.
and my diya will LOVE this super amazing pic (both the pic and the cat)

the mad momma said...

come back already!! i mean online.

Nitya said...

Looking forward to more pics. Hope you had a fun trip!

radha said...

Just waiting for the posts about Istanbul. WOW! That must have been exciting.