Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baggage Belt Musings

You think your suitcase
is easy to spy,
rolling along the carousel
But can you really tell
that it's yours
when it's turned turtle?

Poor disorientated thing
Doesn't call out your name
You can almost see it
Struggle to be
Right side up,
once again,
and recognizable!

And the toughest is the
first in, last out part
you wait and you wait
with so many doubts
wondering if you'll ever get
the bag, and how
will you manage if you don't?
What will you need to buy at once,
what can be borrowed,
what can be done without?
More bags emerge,
Hope renews....
And you wait and you wait
with a dwindling crowd
witness the joy as each person
grabs his or her bag,

At last, your bag appears
You yank it off the belt
with a prayer of thanks
check the tag,
(even though you know it's yours)
and gladly leave the world
of baggage belts
Until you check in your
baggage on your next flight.


Banno said...

So true, Dipali. I've felt exactly the same things while I wait for my baggage. Wish our bags could call out to us, though. :)

Aneela Z said...

you should borrow The Toddler, many a time I have stared at the carousel perplexed and he will dive into the corner screaming "Ee-jey suitcase", he has a 100% record in identifying and locating our suitcases.

dipali said...

@Banno: Now that is an idea:)
I think mine does call out to me, most of the time. I do remember waiting at Arrivals to receive the spouse, and have seen his bag go by while he is busy reading messages on his phone. He obviously can't hear it!
@Aneela Z: I would love to borrow The Toddler for his delightful self, but if you are willing to lend him to me as suitcase locator, why not!!!!

Anonymous said...

~ laughs! and i had once borrowed a pack pack and completely failed to recognize it till it was the last one on the belt even though it was the first one out!!!

dipali said...

@veggiecrook: New and/or borrowed bags are the trickiest!

Sanand said...

Travel light - that's my motto in life.

dipali said...

@Sanand: There are times when just hand luggage will not do:(
Baggage belts then become a necessary evil.

u said...

Sigh, how true. Have you seen how people have taken to tying naadas on their bags to identify them?

dipali said...

@U: Yes,what can one do with so many similar looking suitcases! I haven't tied naadas or ribbons yet!

Mayg said...

Oh I hear you! This comes next in the list of the top ten things I dread about air travel.. Cranky kids top the list *shudders*

dipali said...

@MayG: We've had, over the years, a couple of delayed/lost baggage stories in our family. It's unlikely, but still possible. Cranky kids are a nightmare:(

starry eyed said...

Loved it! My worries begin while I'm packing my bags itself. "What if it gets stolen or lost, can I live without this item?" I really hesitate to carry items to which I'm emotionally attached while traveling.

dipali said...

@Starry: I guess that's a good policy! I also worry about my things being filched from my hand luggage during the security check. I sometimes carry weird bags just because they can be locked!
I need to stop a)being so paranoid, and b)sharing all my fears!

Unknown said...

haha Dippy I was carrying a new bag and when the time came to yank it off the carousel I couldnt remember what colour it was so I took off 3 bags before I got mine right . There was this girl who was literally watching with bated breath . When I thought to check the tag she said "hey is this the right one then ?"
Like Starry I always live in dread of having my bag stolen too .

dipali said...

@eve's lungs: Travelling with old and familiar bags is simpler! I guess we are all worry warts at heart!
@Meera Ganesh: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy reading what I write. You certainly do not need anyone's permission to blog roll them, but it's nice to know that you have done so!