Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Making Complete Asses of Ourselves!

A good friend of mine wanted to see the new Rituparno Ghosh film, 'Noukadubi', so we decided to go and see it this afternoon. Neither of us has any great knowledge of Bangla, but another non-Bengali friend of ours had seen it and thought it easy enough to follow, although she couldn't grasp the Tagore lyrics that are an important part of the film.
There were, of course, no sub-titles either.
We knew, even before seeing the film, that boats capsize in a storm, and there are identity mix-ups, as in those days (circa 1920) marriages took place sight unseen.
The film was absolutely beautiful. The visuals, the costumes, the period flavour of the interiors, the beautiful cast, poignant music, all added up to something wonderful.
Except that we could not follow the story.
My friend tells me that I snored a couple of times.
I told her to nudge me the next time I did so.
I struggled to keep my eyes open, and my friend yawned frequently.
We emerged from the hall feeling extremely stupid.

I came home and consulted my current fount of all wisdom, the internet. I found a few good links that told me the story, which I promptly sent to my friend. At least we know now what we'd seen, even if rather late in the day!

P.S: I particularly like the Upperstall synopsis and review.

Edited to add: The friend who had seen it and followed the movie had been able to do so because (she told us later) that she had read the story before going to see the film!


starry eyed said...

LOL, Dipali! You snored! LOLOL!

The Bride said...

Hee hee. Hats of to you for going at all :)

R's Mom said...

heheheheh :) Thats so funny

Unknown said...

Dipali - I will happily murder you today . Prolly the songs which lulled you ha ?

Sue said...


Next time, consult the 'net first. ;) Didn't we see Ar ekti premer golpo together?

Banno said...

I wonder why English films can be released with subtitles (in some theatres, sometimes) and regional films cannot. Why do our distributors believe that only Bengalis will want to see Bengali films, Tamilians Tamil films, etc, etc. It makes me so mad. So you are stuck with waiting for the DVD to come out. I certainly didn't want to watch the Hindi dub.

Indian Home Maker said...

LOL The nudges, the yawns and the snores :)