Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Key Chronicles

The SRE and the house key have been a source of worry when I travel without him. On my latest trip to Hyderabad, though, he did me proud! He even unlocked the house with his own key when we got home at 2.30 a.m., as my flight was delayed by nearly four hours, and my baggage was, strangely, found on two separate baggage belts, which added to the delay.
Kolkata's winter was on our side- it is far easier to slip a key into a coat pocket after unlocking the door than putting it back in the laptop bag. I had, of course, stuck a note inside our front door telling him to check his pocket for the key before shutting the door, as well as one on the wooden cowherd on the shoe cupboard that faces the the front door, telling him to replace the key in his pocket immediately. So far so good! Of course he had to tease me on Friday morning, saying that he was going to play golf and wasn't going to wear his coat, but fortunately he didn't get locked out.
He has also derived an ingenious solution to solve the key problem during the summer months as well, in case I decide to travel on my own. The house key will be attached to a long string which will be sewn into his trouser pocket. He will only wear one pair of trousers for the duration of my trip, so that necessitates a short one, or else I will have to get several keys made and sew them into various trouser pockets!!!!!!

Wishing you all much love and laughter in 2012!


dipikasingh said...

i so used to have this problem too. i've got a duplicate made. and it stays inside his wallet. initially he would sometimes forget to put it back into the wallet after he opened the door. but now he's got used to it. thank god.

dipikasingh said...

and a very happy new year to you :)

dipali said...

@dipikasingh: Thank God is right! I got four spares made when we moved here - one is with my son, one with a neighbour, one with a relative, and his, as well as the original which stays with me, but he does not carry his unless he has to!
When we lived in a house with bolts and padlocks, we didn't face this issue of getting locked out.
Happy new year to you too!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hahahaha! Ingenious! So, how many duplicates have you made already? ;-p

And a very happy new year, my dearest Dipali! Wishing you a year of much pampering and traveling :-)

dipali said...

@M4: Good question!
I'll take the pampering and cut down on the travelling, please!

radha said...

I like the title of the post! Did not expect what was to follow. At least the key provides so much mirth.