Thursday, July 12, 2012

Completely floored

by this beautiful old floor. I was out for lunch with a friend, and was so involved in our conversation that I never noticed this beauty until she happened to drop a coin on the floor! I love this elegant design.


Banno said...

It is beautiful. Pity that the old flooring designs are so hard to come by these days, with people's fascination for Italian marble. :)

The Bride said...

Hehe...I can just imagine you bending to pick up the coin and just staying there under the table, transfixed.

SUR NOTES said...


i miss the old mosaic floors. and the red oxide floors are totally extinct.

dipali said...

@Banno: It really is a pity:(
@The Bride: No, I didn't bend down, my friend did, but that's when I noticed. We'd been talking (and eating) for a couple of hours before that!
@Sur Notes: Thank you. Our factory colony in Durgapur still has the polished red oxide floors- come vist!