Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Suno Bhai

My friend Bindhumalini and her friend Vedanth Bharadwaj have brought out this beautiful collection of  Kabir bhajans. It is available on Flipkart. I got my copy a couple of days ago, and have been playing it almost endlessly. They have sung the compositions of great Kabir singers like Kumar Gandharv and Prahlad Tipaniya, with original, modern musical arrangements. Most of all, though, it is the beauty of their voices and the emotions they bring to their rendition of these timeless songs that appeals. I'm eagerly awaiting their next offering in this genre!

All the songs are wonderful, but the most magical is the last- "Naiharwa."


SUR NOTES said...

Thanks for this. Shall order right away.

dipali said...

@SUR NOTES: You'll love it!

SUR NOTES said...

got the copies, ordered extra as gifts. very nice. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dipali and her followers. This is so heart warming. Thank you so much for this gesture of love and generosity. I am greatly indebted.
I thank you all and also on behalf of my friend Vedanth. this is so lovely.