Friday, May 3, 2013

The Colour Cream

When I was a young child, I loved my mother's cream cardigan. I knew the colour cream long before I knew the product. And therein lies my great befuddlement. We, my sister and I, were enchanted by the creams on my mother's dressing table, especially the vanishing cream. Who or what vanished? And did the cold cream make you feel cold? What were these creams for?????? Our young minds remained puzzled, despite our questions which were waved away by the grown ups. And these creams, too, were white, not cream, to our great chagrin.
Living in Delhi, the only dairy cream we ever used was an almost pure white.
The colour cream didn't make any sense to me.
The desi ghee we used, too, was white, as was white butter.

It was only much later, when we moved to Thailand and used golden ghee imported from Australia that the penny dropped!!!! The cream from cow's milk is cream coloured, hence the subsequent golden ghee. In Delhi, we were using buffalo milk products, all of which happen to be white!Mystery solved!


Sue said...

LOL The things that confuse the kids... !

dipali said...

A lot of things still confuse me!