Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Foggy morning!

Mr. Sun shone beautifully all day yesterday,
and woke up tired and grumpy this morning.
"Shining feels like too much work," he said,
So he stretched out, grabbed a blanket of fog,
covered his head, and went right back to bed.


Unknown said...

:) Same here ! Cold, gloomy, foggy.

The Bride said...

So cute!

dipali said...

@Reshma: The sun finally came out here at lunchtime!
@The Bride: Thank you!

30in2005 said...

That's a lovely visual to explain the fog!

dipali said...

@30in2005: Thank you! I was out for a walk when the fog suddenly hid the sun!

Sukanya Bora said...

Don't you hate it when Mr. Sun does that?

Loved it.

dipali said...

@Sukanya: I love sunny days, but I'm actually happy walking in the fog!
Thank you.