Tuesday, January 21, 2014

To my older son, on his birthday

My older son is thirty four today.
This is his second birthday as a married man, his first as a prospective father.
I can imagine him as tender, gentle and protective towards his yet-to-be-born daughter, utterly charmed by her.

And then I see him as I first saw him, through the hospital nursery window, with one eye closed, one open.
I was terrified.

The next time I saw him, it was the other eye that was open, to my great relief!

 Babies can terrify you.
Their well-being becomes the focus of your lives.
Each sneeze and rash and fall carries so much angst, and so much useless and unnecessary guilt.

Babies, though, are tougher and more resilient than you think they are.

Dear Anand, your life will change in unimaginable ways, as did ours.
Enjoy these few months of prospective fatherhood. And then the utterly exhausting magnificent chaos of early parenthood!

My son, the householder, the husband, the teacher, the father-to-be, the player of many roles.
May this birthday bring to you a wonderfully joyous and fulfilling year.
God bless you, now and always........


The Bride said...

''Babies can terrify you.'' Amen. Happy birthday to your son!

dipali said...

@The Bride: Thank you!

Sue said...

Happy birthday to Anand!

neha vish said...

:) And you're such a fantastic mum. We learn our parenting skills from our own parents and Anand is on the right track! Can't wait to be a bua.

dipali said...

@Sue: Thanks!
@Neha: Not always:(
I can imagine the two baby girls meeting across the pond sometimes:)

Trish said...

Happy Birthday Anand and congratulations :)

Seema said...

So beautifully said. A strange feeling when children suddenly seem to grow up. Shakes one out of the complacency of forever young. Will be an awesome feeling for him, and for you both, to hold the little one in your arms. Knowing it is part of your body and soul. Happy Birthday Anand. All the best wishes always :-)

dipali said...

@Trish: Thank you!
@Seema: Thank you- you've said it so beautifully!

Anonymous said...

babies can terrify you

oh yes, I still remember ojas in his first week and how he scared me :)

happy birthday and parenthood to him

dipali said...

@Monika: Thank you!

Noodlehead said...

"utterly exhausting magnificent chaos of early parenthood" You hit it on the head :) Happy Birthday to the father-to-be and heartiest congratulations to all of you. Here's to a happy, healthy baby.

Subhashree said...

Congrats to your son and you, Dipali... Happy birthday to him!

mayg said...

oh dipali such lovely words!!
many many congrats on your soon-to-be-grandma status :D SO exciting!! and happy birthday Anand! I had no clue I am exactly 2 days older than him!

Poppy said...

Happy birthday to your first born, and Congratulations Dips!

dipali said...

@Noodlehead: You're still 'enjoying' the magnificent chaos!!!! I hope you get some rest now. Thanks:)
@Subhashree: Thank you!
@MayG: Thanks! You are two days older than Anand but share your birthday with my younger son!
@Poppy: Thank you!