Wednesday, February 25, 2015


A lady with whom I have a nodding/smiling  acquaintance accosted me on my walk this morning.

'I haven't seen your mom around for a while,' she said.

'It's been five years since my mother passed away,' I told her.

'Aren't you an artitect (sic)? She had said that her daughter's an artitect. She looks exactly like you.'

Much as I would love to be an artitect/artytect, I respectfully declined.

But there's someone in our complex who's a dead ringer for me!

Maybe I can be a good  'arty'tect.

Especially since I painted a couple of oil paintings in recent months.


rads said...

awww, doppelganger's are fun@! you must go and ttry meeting her :)

also loving how you've found painting again. Very gratifying!

Shekhar said...



Lovely paintings, though. :)

dipali said...

@rads, Shekhar: Thanks!