Thursday, September 6, 2007

Trial Rooms

Are a trial!
Apart from the fact that they manage to make even the reasonably slender look podgy.
( The SRE peers over my shoulder and laughs aloud at 'reasonably slender'- I should only try and write once he's left the house).
No, I'm not talking about myself- I'd settle very happily for pleasantly plump.
(Which becomes disgustingly obese in those damn mirrors).
No, we aren't talking sizes and shapes here, we're talking facilities.
A good trial room in my book has sufficient hooks to hang things on, plus a decent shelf or ledge.
Why shelf/ledge? Because there are people like me who wear glasses, and need somewhere to park the said glasses when they are yanking garments over their heads.
Westside had a delicious sale wherein I tried plonking my glasses on the edge of my handbag which was hanging from one of the two hooks they so kindly provide. I don't know of too many people who religiously carry their spectacle case with them. ( My handbag is usually too full of arbit junk to have room for either spectacles or case, anyway). I ended up with an armful of clothes and a smashed lens. Alright, the specs were old, it was time for an eye-check up anyway.
(I survived the next few days thanks to an old pair of glasses with a crooked frame).
Shopper's Stop and Pantaloons pass muster- Pantaloons has a chest high shelf, SS has a biggish kind of stool in a corner, besides the mandatory hooks, of course.
Now, in case you think that I live to shop, I don't. (I do 'sometimes only', but not most of the time). We (the SRE and I) were looking for stuff to send a friend in the US, who happens to be somewhat thinner than I am. What feels tight for me is right for her. One Sunday we land up in Fab India and I'm back in my not-so-favourite place, the trial room. Which in Fab India also has a biggish moorha in the corner as well as hooks. What do you call a person who carefully puts her
glasses on the moorha next to her handbag, successfully tries on whatever had to be tried on, and then sweeps up her handbag, chipping off part of one of her brand new spectacle lenses as they fall the few inches to the floor?
Two words come to mind- positively challenged. Bah!


ani said...
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neha vish said...

It annoys me severely - the whole process of just trying things one after the other. I like shops with consistent sizes, where I can just yank things off and be sure that they'll fit. There's something so irritating about having to wear pieces one by one, walk out and show.

And yes, I hate trial rooms where one has to deposit glasses, clothes, bag on the floor, because there are no hooks. Also hate trial rooms that have the "one foot above floor" door.


the mad momma said...

i agree with neha. we should have standard sizes like they do abroad. i hate stripping in and out of clothes and ruining my lipstick and getting ruffled. and LOL @ dropping the specs.

Sue said...

I agree, is it so hard to add a small shelf in a corner?

While we're on the subject, I wish I had been able to make it to the Westside sale. I'd promised myself some new tops. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

you know in bangalore there is a store called the camel shop / wearhouse on commercial street. they have a 'western' (cowboy) kind of ambience - and really nice trial rooms. with the hooks and hangers and a nice long bench to sit on and really spacious and roomy and basically has everything that one would need (may be not everything one would want) in a trial room. and then they had a sale. and guess what?
so all those nice rooms - but you are not allowed to use them!!!

dipali said...

Yes, I also wish that sizes were standardized, so we wouldn't need the (very) 'trying' rooms so often.
Loved the place where trials are not allowed, d! Hilarious:)

Raj said...

Which is why, I carry my own trial room whenever I go shopping.

dipali said...

Raj, pray tell us how you manage to do that!