Friday, February 22, 2008

The Alphabet tag

Just managed to delete the whole post trying to make the font look civilised. Bah.
Ah well, here I go again.

A -Available?

Totally depends on what for!

B-Best friend:

Hubbyji, aka the Sometimes Resident Engineer

C-Cake or Pie?

Why not both?

D-Drink of choice:

Water, green tea

E-Essential thing used everyday:

My toothbrush

F-Favourite colour:

Sunshine-y, ripe mango-ey golden yellow

G-Gummi bears or worms:

Didn't I tell you I'm a vegetarian:)


Saaddi Dilli


Dark chocolate

J-January or February:

Both- My sons are both born in January, spouseji in February!

K-Kids and names:

Two daughters, two sons, but they will remain nameless on the blog.


Use it well.

M-Marriage date:

Early April, decades ago!

N-Number of siblings:

Two, but one is now no more

O-Oranges or apples:

Oranges, any day.


None, but cockroaches I do find repulsive.


Tough times never last, tough people do.

R-Reason to smile:

A toddler toddling, a puppy, a lark dropping out of the sky and then flying up again at the last possible moment......


Whenever you don't need artificial heating or cooling, with a slight nip in the air.

T-Tag three people:

Nat, Space Bar, Banno

U-Unknown fact about me:

Unknown on the blog, you mean- I love listening to Hindustani classical vocal music.

V-Vegetable you do not like:

Lauki- I cook it everyday, practically, for my father.

W-Worst habit:


X-x-rays you have had:


Y-Your favorite food:

Piping hot soup.




Neera said...

Thanks for taking up the tag! I am smiling at 'overeating' :) I too am hopeless at that and I keep telling hubby that earlier it didn't matter at all how much I ate, the waistline didn't budge. Now after the kids, the bulge doesn't budge :(

Anonymous said...

Great post...very candid :) First time here.

Anonymous said...

LOL... for over eating thing...even I do...
fr that I really made my habit to drink a glass of water before any meal:-)))
I dnt like lauki at all...if u cook u like it or nt??

well...with A-Z...u can actually narrate whole ur life isnt??:-))

Space Bar said...

okay, what is this mysterious way of tagging people for this one?! you don't mention it in the post? might do this, hanh. don't know...

Choxbox said...

dont like lauki? okay whenevre i meet you i will bring over home-made (by mom, not me) halwa made from said vegetable.

:) at R.

dipali said...

Neera :)
homecooked- Welcome to my blog.
Chakoli- I drink lots of water anyway, but no effect(:
Space Bar- It is mentioned-
under T - tag three people.
Banno's already done it!
Chox- I have nothing against lauki per se, but I don't like cooking/eating anything everyday.
And halwa is a far cry from the soggy, underspiced sabzi my father seems to relish.

~nm said...

You really have 4 kids? I mean..err....forget it.

I don't mean to sound intruding or negative at all but I was quite amused to read that. I feel so out of patience dealing with just one and thats why I've lots of regards for parents who have 2 or more.

We are 4 sisters ourselves though :)

Nat said...

Deeply Dippy,
Did da tag. Somehow the picture of you taking da same old lauki everyday out of the fridge and proceeding to make it just the way your Dad likes it while all the while scowling at it makes me crack up!

iz said...

Dude, you have so much patience. I could NEVER think of 26 words!

dipali said...

@~nm: four kids are pretty useful to have around, you know:)
The older ones help you with the littler ones and before you know it they've all flown the nest.
@nat: Sorry dear, I never scowl at the lauki. I zimbly do not eat it:)
( I do, sometimes).
@iz: It takes less than five minutes.
Why not give it a shot? I hereby officially tag you.

Anonymous said...

I hate doing this to you...but you have another tag!

Anonymous said...

i share your indulgence and your worst habit!! :D

Unknown said...

High five on that lauki Dipali ! I hate that vegetable although I do admire its complexion!

Anonymous said...

Nopes dear nt lots of water.. bbut just before strating ur meal...a glass of can surely avoid over eating:-))

Anonymous said...


I didn't know delhi was ur home town!!

when r u visiting next??

Unknown said...

Finally one more person who has been married decades ago. Thank the lord.