Monday, May 26, 2008

As per the SRE's request

I am posting his Mothers' Day poem on my blog. And using the Hindi font, with it's inadequate 'maatraas', for the first time.

Jab maa thi toh "Mothers' Day" kahaan tha?
Jo hai sab maa ka diya hai
Jab maa thi toh waqt kahaan tha,
Jawaani kay alam main
Jazbaaton kay liye fursat hi kahaan thi?

Koi is nalayak ghamandee ko samjhaa de.
Ab rone aur ansoo bahane se kya hoga?
Karna hai kuch toh
Anpadh maa kee chhaya si
kisi bachee ko
University kee dahleez paar kara do.
Usey uske adhikar dila do
Maa kay rinh ka ek kann
Shaayad ada ho jayega

जब माँ थी तो Mothers' Day कहाँ था
जो है सब माँ का दिया है
जब माँ थी तो वक्त कहाँ था
जवानी के आलम में
जज्बातों के लिए फुरसत कहाँ थी?

कोई इस नालायक घमंडी को समझा दे
अब रोने और आंसू बहाने से क्या होगा ?
करना है कुछ तो
अनपढ़ माँ की छाया सी
किसी बच्ची को
यूनिवर्सिटी की दहलीज़ पार करा दो
उसे उसका अधिकार दिला दो
माँ के ऋण का एक कण
शायद अदा हो जाएगा


Anonymous said...

its depressing me, and the weather is not helping!

Thinking Cramps said...

That was lovely. Please tell the SRE to write more, and share that with us.

Anonymous said...

lovely poem


Indian Home Maker said...

Lovely!! We really value education in India, 'kisi bachee ko university ki dahleej paar kara de...'line reminds me of how we found these school girls, mainly construction workers' kids, asking to be dropped till their school. I also used to give them lift, and once asked them if they were afraid to ask strangers for lift, they said,they weren't because everybody liked there going to school and all said the same thing-"khoob dil lagake parho"!!!

Neera said...

Lovely and straight from the heart!

dipali said...

@chandni: yes, it is depressing (:
@thinking cramps: the sometimes resident poet is very pleased and will do so!
@d: thanks.
@indian home maker:yes, that's the most inspiring line. Such a lovely anecdote- thanks for sharing.
@neera: thanks.

Mampi said...

It is a beautiful poem, so nicely put and with such true facts.