Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things I've Never Been Able to Understand-II

How can the same preparation be devoured most happily at a friend's house, and be looked at askance at home?


Savani said...

hehehe ghar ki murgi daal barabar!

Unknown said...

Dont even ask . Gravies thick with tomato are declared scrumptious at other people's houses but let AG see a tomato in the kitchen and all hell breaks loose .
What's with these one liners ? Getting lazy you are ,my girl.

dipali said...

@dottie: Maybe the friend cooks it better!
@eve's lungs: Hey, no one read my last huge long post!
I guess these guys are very polite outside their own homes:) Poor tomato.

??! said...

On the other hand, why are dishes that are happily eaten at home, looked down when eating elsewhere (khichdi is my favourite example)?

...my apologies for not visiting earlier, even though you have been commenting on my blog for a while. I'm a little scatty with follow-ups - but, but, but I'm trying!

dipali said...

@??!: Ah, dishes seem to have a hierarchy all of their own. The humble kaddu (yellow pumpkin), delicious though it is, is rarely if ever served at dinner parties.
I guess some dishes are associated only with the comfort of home, like khichdi!
Lovely seeing you here- no formality in my part of blogland: come whenever you feel like it:)