Sunday, May 20, 2012

Strange dreams

My daughter's dog
was nibbling away
At my fingers in my dream
Nipping and nibbling, and I wondered why.
I'd been looking after her and had
forgotten to feed her for two whole days.
I nearly died of guilt in my dream.

And then, equally weird:
I'd called home a dear niece and her family
for dinner,
and time kept passing by,
it was getting later and later
and I just couldn't cook.
Strange, tired dreams.

The house is a lot cleaner now,
freshly painted, decluttered.
Maybe the old brain needs
a thorough springcleaning.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well, perhaps not as dire as a Mayday call, but the merry month of May sees us have the painters in, so life as we know it will be suspended for a while. I am wondering about our twin passions for books and music, why they have filled our house with treasures that at the moment are just so much stuff that needs to be carted around the house. My other passion for colour schemes and colourful ceramics also adds to the confusion. I think we are extremely brave and foolhardy!
The SRE returned from his travels yesterday, and has kindly decided to take half the day off, while we get organised for the painters. We are lucky to have a company guest house that we can stay in for the duration, so at least we can sleep and eat in comfort.
The last load of curtains goes into the washing machine. The computer is shut down till further notice. All your good wishes for my survival and sanity are required!
Au revoir, my friends