Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dominant habit?

This entire post is about me not minding my own business. Or rather, apparently minding my own business, but getting perturbed by something which should not bother me at all.

After my recent long travels and battles with jet lag and air pollution, I finally went for a walk, the standard round of our complex's drive. Some familiar faces were seen, some greeted, some merely noticed.

Among the latter category was The Balding Youngish Man With The Lhasa Apso.
The dog is adorable: he is a miniature Apso, and when he was younger and less sure-footed, would slide down the speed-breakers on his belly. Over the past several months, my friend O and I have noticed something somewhat discomfiting. The Apso's owner is often on his phone early in the morning. He holds the dog's leash in his left hand, and the dog remains on his left. However, he also holds the phone to his left ear, using his right hand, right across his chest. It looks terribly uncomfortable. It obviously doesn't bother either him, or the dog. How silly can one get, being discomfited by something that has absolutely no bearing on one's life????

Picture from Pinterest

Monday, October 30, 2017

Chasing a cop!

Yes, that's exactly what my daughter and I did yesterday!
We had gone out in the morning, and on our return journey had planned to stop at one of our local markets. Unfortunately, there was no convenient parking available, so we decided to go straight home. Going straight home meant going down the underpass, but S forgot, and automatically drove onto the left road. As we took the next U-turn to get back on track, we spotted a young man in police uniform, riding on a scooter (a rare sight, we mostly see motorbikes), minus a helmet.
S decided that as a law abiding citizen, she had to tell him of this lapse on his part.
We opened the car windows, honked at him and speeded up, but our man remained oblivious. And then he parked at the police chowki! S hailed him, and this very young policeman came up to our car, perhaps wondering what help these two women required.
S told him that if as a citizen, she was obliged to follow certain rules and regulations, as a policeman he needed to be doubly sure of doing the same. The poor chap sheepishly agreed. He got quite an earful: it's the first time we'd caught an cop making such a silly mistake!
He was really very young. Let's hope that he becomes an exemplary policeman!