Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Limericks for Lali: A Birthday Tribute

Lalita, of Lalita Larking fame, the first friend I made by way of the blog world, celebrates her fiftieth birthday on the 13th September (tomorrow). I have been completely floored by her amazing poetry (she writes in English and Telugu), humour, tremendous musical knowledge, wisdom, erudition, and last, but not least, her consummate ease with cryptic crossword puzzles.

Disclaimer: Although Lalita has inspired these limericks, she is not to be held responsible for them.

Our wonderful Lali turns fifty
with words she is so very nifty
they twist and they turn,
they wriggle and squirm,
as she deals with them all very swiftly.

Greetings to our very own Lali
who with words is exceedingly pally
Her 'ana' can 'gram'
And her verses all scan
She's so brainy, she is, actually.

Not only a brilliant mind
Lali's also exceedingly kind:
A diffident blog commenter
Hesitantly sent her
An invite and she kindly complied.

I've known Lali for less than a year
Bloggers mail her from far and from near
She may meet them or not
But she's there in their thoughts
'cause they really admire her, my dear.

Now that I've got Lali on the brain
I wonder if you can explain
Her kinship with crosswords
She makes easy tough words
and never once does she complain.

Lali's neither 'craft'-y nor artsy
But she's known as the Grammar Nazi.
She knows her dipthongs,
prosody and songs
Bad grammar makes her feel very nasty.

On Lali's fiftieth birthday
Is there anything we can do or say
Some magic, some whimsy
Be it ever so flimsy
to get rid of her painful RA.

On this big day be of good cheer
& look ahead to the forthcoming year
Have lots of fun blogging
Some running, no jogging
And for now, have some more beer.

These limericks, pathetic and flawful
Some of which are truly quite awful
are emerging, of course,
form some underground source
that's beyond me and must be unlawful.

I close with these words, dearest Lali,
I'm so glad you're a friend and an ally.
Knowing you has enriched me
Your words enthrall and bewitch me
Your wonderstruck friend, Dipali


neha vish said...

Amen! Happy Birthday to fabulous Lali. But your lines Dipali, make it all better. :)

Lalita said...

Aw, you are too kind, lady. Thank you very very much.

dipali said...

The pleasure is entirely mine, Lali.
Thanks, Neha.

Lalita said...

A very happy birthday to Lalita, indeed (from a different Lalita)!

Lalita said...

@Lalita- Who's you pussycat? So many blogs you seem to have. May you prosper and enrich all of the blogs, namesake, here's Lali saying thanks to Lali.

Lalita said...


My cat is named Usuri and thanks for the kind words. By my clock it's officially Lali Day.

Happy Birthday!