Saturday, November 3, 2007

Choxbox's tag.

Well, I don't have a middle name. If I had one, what would I have liked it to be? No idea.
I guess I'll inflict my favourite descriptive term for myself as my middle name- yeah, you guessed right-DINOSAUR. (Saw the skeleton in the Smithsonian in Washington DC. and felt tremendous sympathy for the poor ungainly creature)

D: Devoted to my friends and family. Which doesn't prevent me from being nasty when I have to be.
I: Inimitable. Methinks I have a unique, laid back, very very comfortable way of dressing.
N:Nitpicking. I have an eye for detail, esp. for spellings. Can irritate my husband no end by criticizing his spellings instead of appreciating his poetry. ( Yes, he does write poetry, I'll post some on the blog some day).
O: Optimistic- almost always. And Life has reinforced this optimism, even during the toughest of tough times.
S: Stupid: Can be very stupid at times. When my brain just refuses to work. Bah!
A: Adorable- in my dreams, that is.
U: Uncomplicated. I think so.
R: Ready-made clothes are what I like. I hate going to tailors, but have to go to them for sari blouses ( sadly, I hardly find myself in saris these days).

Chox, I guess that is some strange dinosaur. I'm not passing it on because I think almost everybody's done this tag. But whoever hasn't and wants to, please go ahead with Dino Dipali's blessings.


Choxbox said...

totally relate to R - readymade stuff for me too :)

Sue said...

Says who you are not adorable? Certainly not The Bhablet or his parents!

Waiting for more trip updates. :)

dipali said...

Thank you, The Bhablet and family!

Savani said...

Kudos on keeping up the optimistic bit!!!! Share you scret, please do! And about adorable? I am with sue. Waiting for trip posts!

Lakshmi said...

Hey! I've been greatly enjoying your very merry blogs ever since I discovered you were a blogger!
And I love the great time you are clearly having!