Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cast Off

The cast came off today! I had to change into sterile greens and wait in the operation theatre for the surgeon to come and remove the three pins which had been inserted into my wrist bones under general anesthesia on the 20th August. The sisters cut off the cast, very carefully, with scissors and a blade. The surgeon came in, and chatted casually with me and the OT nurses, who had been talking about the pins being removed with pliers, which sounded quite frightening. But before I knew it, all three pins were out, quite painlessly, and the surgeon was dressing my wrist.

My left hand is still bandaged from palm to mid-forearm, the fingers are all dry and scaly, and I am really looking forward to having a professional manicure as soon as possible. (I can never get a pedicure done, though, since the soles of my feet are extremely ticklish- earlier attempts have been most embarrassing!)
I have a follow-up visit on Monday, after which I'll know what happens next, in terms of physiotherapy etc.

I can safely remove the bandage the day after tomorrow, and actually wash both my hands!

The nurse handed me a clear plastic bag with the three pins that were holding my wrist bone together. My sister, who is here from Delhi for a few days, was treated to first view before we went downstairs for yet another x-ray. I hope I didn't gross her out. I'm glad she was with me.
The SRE will be treated to the pins when he gets home!

More news on Monday, folks.


starry eyed said...

CONGRATS! Now we can get longer two-handed posts from you:) You reminded me of when my cast came off when I was 9!

and the image of you giggling during a pedicure is extremely sweetly funny!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting the cast off! I know that must be a relief.

Nino's Mum said...

yay and hugs, all at one go.
I'm bloody ticklish where my feet are concerned as well - but manicures dont' work for me either - they don't seem to make a difference!

Sonia said...

Eeks I wouldnt want to see those pins :)) Congrats on getting the cast off, it must be a relief!

ra said...

congrats! the pins sound a bit gruesome

Magical Homes said...

congrats. the pin removal process sounds scary tho.

??! said...

Oh good going. Now tell us how weird it feels to have it in full action.

DotThoughts said...

great news!! hope the physio goes as planned!

SUR NOTES said...

and dont bunk any of the physio sessions. says a fool who bunked some sessions and many years later still lets out a mild yowl when i stand awkwardly.

you know i have never ever got a pedicure/manicure done... and now i can never go because i will be giggling thinking of you giggling.

Natasha said...

Congratulations, Dipali.
Now we can look forward to longer posts from you!
And I would rather not see your pins, if you don't mind!

Unknown said...

Thats a relief to hear. Now you be careful with that hand for a while...and dont go back to being superwoman for a while.

Ron said...

Yay. Congratulations. And Shubho Bijoya ( yes yes I know you are not Bengali, but why should that stop anyone :D) Now write some nice long posts.

Banno said...

Fab. Take care.

dipali said...

@starry-eyed: Two handed posts are still a while away. The hand is still very stiff and painful:(
I can't even get a foot massage!
@Era: It is, it is:)
@Nino's Mum: The secret is using Moisturex cream, every single day.
Something I learned from friends on the blogosphere. I thought I was doomed to suffer from cracked heels all my life!
@Sonia: I'm not grossing out my gentle readers with pictures of the pins:) Yes, getting rid of the cast is a big relief!
@ra: They sound gruesome, but the technology used is pretty awesome!
@Mumbai Diva: It was actually so quick that I barely felt a thing. It was scary thinking about it though.
@??!: Still too painful for full action:( It'll take its own time.
@Dotthoughts: Thanks!
@sur: I promise I'll be good:)
I think I last had a manicure when I was in college- I was trying to psyche the hand into feeling better!
@Rayna M. Iyer: Thanks! I'm not going to gross out my dear bloggy friends:)
@ karmic kids: Superwoman is on indefinite leave:)
@Ron: Shubh Bijoya- when do we see you here in Kolkata? Long posts will eventually appear:)
@Banno: Thanks, will do:)

wordjunkie said...

Sorry to hear about your arm.Take care...Hugs.

dipali said...

@wordjunkie: Thanks, it's getting better by the day.

SG said...

Congratulations. I think physiotherapy will do good for you.

Choxbox said...

how are you now dips?

dipali said...

@SG: I hope so!
@choxbox: Now is the tough part- withstanding a fair amount of pain and doing the physiotherapy!

mummyjaan said...

Great to know that you're better, Dips. Now take good care of yourself. And to help you along, here's a *giant bear hug* from me.

dipali said...

@mummyjaan: Thanks, dear!

Sukhaloka said...

Phew, congratulations!

By the way, can we see a pic of the pins? Morbid, gross curiosity :P

dipali said...

@vijay: yay:)
@suki: No pics of the pins- come on over and I'll show you them skewers:)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I am sooooo late with this, but am very happy you're better and the pins are out! YAAYYY!!