Monday, July 5, 2010

My sins against gender stereotypes

Starry has tagged me to list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.

I'm not really sure what either gender is supposed to do or not do, as I never grew up with such notions. My brother had left home before I could perceive any great difference in our roles, and my father did all kinds of things, including chopping vegetables and shelling peas and cleaning bathrooms, as well as painting walls and cycling to office. Also, Enid Blyton's Famous Five was part of our growing up years, so tomboyish interests were reinforced by George's character.
My mother did try to instill some lady like traits, but I don't think she got very far.

I. I climbed trees well into my teens. I still would if I could!
2. I whistle. Quite tunefully, when I'm in form.
3. I rode a bicycle well into my forties. (That too, a male version- used to pinch my son's bike for an early morning chukker). Now I have no accessible bike- maybe I should get me a lady-like one for my old age!
4. I've eaten out alone, in fast food places, and in malls, because I'd rather eat alone than starve when I've been out for hours. I might just take myself to a good place for the pleasure of it, one of these days.
5. I've watched two movies alone, and intend to see more.
6. Although I've made good friends on my morning walks here in Kolkata, my walking is not dependent on them. I've walked alone quite happily for years and years.
7. I'm the handy person in my house- hammering nails, making minor repairs where possible.
I used to clean the ceiling fans till I fractured my wrist. I still change the curtains myself.
8. I sometimes swear like a trooper, under extreme provocation.
9. I enjoy looking at pretty girls:)
10.I used to wrestle with my older son when he was eleven or so.
11. Pushed our old Ambassador when it wouldn't start.
12. Had a childhood fantasy of being a motor mechanic. I also collected various odd tools and bits and pieces which I loved fooling around with. I also played with dolls, and loved being a veggie seller as well:)

Tagging twelve people seems rather difficult, but let me try. I tag The Mad Momma, Gauri, Aneela, Rayna M. Iyer, desigirl, Eve's lungs, Maid in Malaysia, Radha, The Soul of Alec Smart, Rohini, Surabhi, and Banno.


Arundhati said...

Hee hee neat list sister-in-sin :)

"enjoy looking at pretty girls" - Up until now I've never met anyone who owned up to doing that. I've been on the lookout ever since my admission drew comments/glances from acquaintances! I check out clothes/hair/bag/shoes/face/walk/vital stats..

mayG said...

you? swear?!?! no way!!

Rohini said...

Number Eight I have got to see to believe :)

Will do the tag

Unknown said...

sometimes swear like a trooper, under extreme provocation

Hmm - I dont know why - but this interests me muchly

The Bride said...

No.9. I need to be more of a sinner here. I can never bring myself to buy toolsets and toy trains for little girls.

starry eyed said...

I like! Swear away! It's stress-busting :-D Love watching movies and plays alone and walking alone too...I hate matching my fast step to strollers! Oh and I appreciate looking at good looking people of both genders too! Beauty is meant to be appreciated, isn't it?!! :P Thanks for taking up the tag!

Dewdrop said...

Rode a bicycle well into your forties? Wow !!! Take a bow from me.

Me too fall into the points 1,4, yet to do a Point No.5. And quilty on point no.9 (there I admitted it, phew !!!). I check out other girls clothes, bags and shoes :) What is so harm in it :D

Indian Home Maker said...

You rode a cycle in your forties!!! Wow I need to try that too!

Geroge was quite an inspiration for a lot of children :)

Whistling - even tunelessly would have doomed you to SAGS-dom, but whistling tunefully by a woman...!!! Makes you a Certified Sinner Against Gender Stereotypes :)

Climbing trees, being able to eat out alone and being the handy person around the house - and dreaming of being a motor mechanic - wow!!! Amazing how inspiring life can be if one is 'not really sure what gender is suppose to do or not do" :)

Loved your take on the tag!

dipali said...

@Arundhati: Hi, nice seeing you here!
I suppose there are more pretty girls than good looking men around to feast our eyes on:)
@mayG, Rohini, Eve's lungs: Under extreme provocation only:)
@The Bride: I prefer buying books/play dough/paints for both boys and girls.
The stuff I played with was random stuff acquired from odds and ends. My sister and I did have a lovely Lego like set of blocks, which I loved playing with for a very long time. My mother had my grandma's old sewing machine motorised- that used to be my car:)
@starry-eyed: My pleasure!
@Indian Home Maker: I've just done a follow up post to this, about my truly major sins: go check it out!

dipali said...

@Dewdrop: Exactly: good looking people/things should be admired!
Movies I started watching very recently, in malls- I feel very safe in mall theatres, because they are usually not crowded.
I'd love to ride a bike again- maybe I buy one especially for me:)

shail said...

Enjoyed reading the sin tag :)

radha said...

Dipali - I am reproducing what the comment I posted on Arundati's blog -
Thanks for tagging me. But my life is not all that interesting. Might drive away the few readers. Will not do it on my blog, but here as a comment. ( Hope you do not mind).

Was the only girl in the colony ( this is in the 60s) who wore what we called pants at that time. Played marbles and flew kites with the boys. I grew up with two brothers and so it was easy.
Always loved exercising. My parents were fitness freaks. Daily walks and yoga were part of the daily routine.
Have not invested in stock market. Plan to though.
I own practically no jewellery. Stepped into a jewellery store in my 27 years of marriage only when my elder daugher was getting married. And probably the next time would be when it is the younger one’s turn.
Of late do some shopping. This is probably because of the girls and my sister in law who loves to shop and takes me along with her whenever she visits the city. My wardrobe is rather pathetic.
Love technology – especially cameras and laptops. Cannot live without either. Not particularly fond of cell phones.
Love books. Do not drive, did learn though, but my dad was too scared to let me handle the car.
Chocolates are not my favourite sweet. I have a sweet tooth , but chocolates are last on my list. Not fond of liquor either.
I like black, maroon, brown and blue.
I do not use make up . Sometimes, very rarely if at all I go out, and the children force me to. Hate going to parlours. Have been for a facial only about 5 times in my life ( I am 53 now)
Not fond of TV soap either ( especially the hindi ones). But confess I watched one series of Desperate Housewifes totally. Not anymore.
Hate cooking. Never cooked till I got married. But have a cookery blog more because the elder one wanted a few recipes. The man of the house cooks more often than I do.
But I do like to see young girls wearing smart clothes and looking good without going overboard

radha said...
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radha said...
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Aneela Z said...

done...albeit with reservations

dipali said...

@shail: Thank you.
@radha: No problem posting it here, but it would have been great on your blog too. Our generation seems fairly unconscious of gender roles!
@Aneela Z: Why so much thought, my dear? Loved your post, by the way.

Anonymous said...

cool list, D! i have eaten alone in a restaurant.. and i dint like the experience too much..never seen a movie alone tho... done lots of cycling but used a gender-appropriate one!:) i can whistle too!! (dnt expect tunes out of me!)

dipali said...

@ mandira: Some things are easier to do as you grow older:) eating out alone is definitely one of them!