Monday, August 30, 2010

A Glimpse of Heaven

The SRE and I spent a few days in Bhutan last month. It is truly beautiful, with verdant mountains, running rivers, and warm and friendly people.
A few glimpses of this paradise on earth:

The view from our balcony.

Monastery at the top of a hill.

Inside the Paro Dzong (fort).

The SRE communes with nature!

Swiftly flowing water.


Unknown said...

lovely pics Dipali . I wish you'd mark them using photoshop or picasa

dipali said...

@eve's lungs: You need to teach me how to, okay?

Gauri said...

Lovely pictures, Dipali :) This is the second time this morning that I'm coming across pictures of yet another peaceful, serene, beautiful place. Lovely start to my morning, indeed :)

And before I forget - a very happy birthday to your blog and here's to many more posts :)

dipali said...

@Gauri: Thank you! Which was the other place? Wishing you a happy every day:)
The blog says thanks too:)

mnamma said...

Beautiful pictures!! Watched a program on Discovery channel about Bhutan and me and hubby wanted to visit it ever since :)