Thursday, October 14, 2010

Parul's new book- By The Water Cooler

Parul's new book is expected to be out in November. Her second book, By the Water Cooler, follows her second baby who is a little over five months old.
Parul deals with motherhood and the resultant mayhem with great aplomb, and also manages to write books as well!
Her first book, Bringing Up Vasu, was a hilarious account of the trials and tribulations of early motherhood, and featured several unforgettable characters. (I live in mortal fear of getting as fat as the nanny who Had to Be Extricated from a Really Tight Spot). She and her spouse have bravely brought forth another baby, Ragini, whom she sometimes refers to as Raagu-face. Her monthly letters to her daughter are utterly delightful.
Parul is also hosting the following:

By The Water Cooler Contest

  • You need to write a post telling a story or an anecdote based in an office. It could be about you, your spouse, kids, neighbour, whoever - it just needs to be based in an office. It can be funny, serious, somewhere in between, but it needs to be based in an office. It can feature a single protagonist or multiple characters, but it...yes, I know, you got it.
  • You need to link to this post
  • You need to put By The Water Cooler in the title of your post
  • You need to leave me (Parul) a link to your post in the comments section
  • If you don't have a blog, leave me your entry in the comments section and it will be counted
PRIZES - Five autographed copies of By The Water Cooler are up for grabs. The five best entries will be decided by the esteemed M so please remember to pick up your grouses with him.

- October 31st, 2010


Banno said...

Thanks for the link. I love the name of her blog 'Radio Parul' :)

Hip Grandma said...

Thanks for the link. But i just dropped in to say Happy Bijoya Dashmi Tho'belated and Happy Deepavali in advance.

dipali said...

@Banno: Yes, a cool name indeed:)
@Hip Grandma: Bijoya and Deepavali Greetings to you too!