Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December is a busy month

There's a whole lot that has already happened- a golden anniversary (my oldest cousin's); a cousin's daughter's wedding was held on the same day, so I missed that and attended the reception in Kolkata along with the bride's parents and brother, who stayed with me. Then the merry visit of some close friends. The SRE was travelling, and also did these ridiculous day trips, which involve getting up at unearthly hours for him to catch the first flight of the day, and coming back late the same evening. And if these trips occur on a Sunday I most strongly disapprove. (I still get up and make him a cup of tea, though).
We are leaving for my niece's wedding tomorrow, and will be back after a week.
Let us see what the tail end of the year holds for us all.
Au revoir, my gentle readers. Take care.


Natasha said...

Gosh, Dipali, we are so similar. I too heartily disapprove of the morning night trips for him, because it is difficult for ME.
For me, I much prefer those trips, because I can make sure things are going well.

Have a great time at the wedding.

starry eyed said...

Enjoy the wedding Dipali! And advance wishes for a Happy New Year!

Unmana said...

Where are you off to now?

Banno said...

It's nice to be busy in these cold months. Have a good time. :)

radha said...

My SIL also takes these early morning flights. She asks me not to wake up, but then the least I can do is make that cup of tea. And after that I am too wide awake to go back to sleep. Happy New Year. ( well in advance)

Indian in NZ said...

Have fun at the wedding Dipali !!!