Friday, March 11, 2011

The Uncertainty of Everyday Life

A calamity of any kind underlines how tenuous our lives really are. Yes, we still hope and plan for the future- not to do so would be foolish. At the same time, one needs to accept that our so-called 'normal' lives are fragile indeed, something to be grateful for, however mundane they may seem.
On hearing of the terrible earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan today, a verse from Sant Kabir kept coming to my mind, again and again:

Saans saans par naam le,
Vyatha saans mat khoye
Kya jaaney iss saans ka
Aavan hoye na hoye

Roughly translated:
Take God's name with every breath you take,
Do not waste a single one
Who knows whether that breath
Will be your last or not....

Of course it is not practical or possible or even sensible to not focus on one's work or studies or even leisure activities, and pray all through the day. But surely, in the dailiness of our lives, there are routine activities that can be done with our minds focused on the One above, who holds each second of our lives in His hands. Let us not take our lives for granted, or rather, let us strike the necessary balance between taking them for granted and simultaneously accepting the fact that each day could be one's last. A tricky balancing act indeed.

My sincere prayers for those who have lost their lives, and for those who have lost their dear ones in this terrible natural calamity.


MiM said...

a beautiful doha.

my prayers with those hit by the disaster

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

thank you dipali, this is such a nice way of expressing all the myriad feelings that are rising inside

starry eyed said...

Loved the thoughts you have expressed in this one...very calming and introspective, just what I needed. Thank you. Hugs.

Aneela Z said...

oh yes. for me more than ever. will write later.

AA_Mom said...

Well expressed, I stayed glued to the TV all evening y'day. Too struck by the disaster to do anything. Japan, is in my prayers.

p.s: The lime pickle is slow cooking in the sun. I skipped the garam masala in it though, as my tummy doesn't take it well. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I am filled with remorse and helplessness everytime a natural calamity occurs since there is nothing we can do to control them. Praying to God seems to be the only thing we can do at these times.

My prayers are with those affected.

Indian Home Maker said...

These were my first thoughts when I read about, first the earthquake and then Tsunami in Japan. And now the Nuclear Reactors.