Sunday, June 5, 2011

What the SRE did while I was away

1) I had kept his house key in the Photon toggle pocket of his laptop bag, and told him where it was.
He comes home on Tuesday night and tries opening the front door with the toggle. He finally does get in, of course!
2) I had left a list of instructions stuck on the inside of the front door, written in bright red ink, headed with the words 'House Key.' (The rest were reminders to make sure taps, lights and fans, gas, air conditioners, doors etc., all were closed/switched off before he left the house).
On Saturday morning he locks himself out of the house without the house key, car keys and laptop bag. I guess that after two days the notice on the door ceases to register. Fortunately there is a spare key with our next door neighbours, and they were also at home, so a crisis is averted.
3) The SRE was in town for a couple of days and away in Durgapur for two days and one night. He managed his meals successfully, with a little 'phone-a-wife' for moral support. There was some food in the fridge which was successfully warmed up, consumed, and the leftovers were also put back. Eggs were cooked, so was Maggi. On Saturday he ordered in pizza, and very kindly kept some for me.
4) On Saturday evening he managed to twist his knee while playing golf. The driver picked me up from the airport, and I get back to find the SRE in pain. We've been icing and elevating the knee. Fingers crossed that it's nothing too serious.

All in all, not a bad report, but not a brilliant one either. I do think that my reluctance to leave him, garnered over the decades, is more or less justified. What do you say, gentle readers???


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!! How's the knee now!!

Sigh...this seems justification enough :-(

Aneela Z said...

I feel that amongst all the "Project Make the Children Independent" we forget about the SREs in our world. I suggest Babycentre starts sending us email pointers about the Big Children in our life.

Unknown said...

was laughing after reading your last line.. you should have gone on trips more often early on so he became an expert keyfinder and chef?


R's Mom said...

he is so cute :) totally like my dad :)

Hope the knee is better now

dipali said...

@m4: We'll be seeing the doctor today.
@Aneela Z: Good idea!
@Sundar Narayanan: Refer to previous post- he was left for much longer periods and did manage earlier.
@R's Mom: Cute, yes, but I haven't relaxed at all since I came home:(

Banno said...

It must have been hilarious, trying to open the door with the Photon toggle. :) What to say? I guess it's too late for SRE training. Hope the knee gets better soon.

Neera said...

Not bad at all Dipali ..after the picture u painted, esp in th eprevious post. Sad abt him twisting his knee but that could have happened even if u were in the city. Hope it gets better soon w/out too much pain :(
Locking himself out ...he'll get better at it for sure :)

dipali said...

@Banno: The kids blame me for not training him properly! The knee seems better now, thankfully.
@Neera: Very true- I could have been right next to him and couldn't have prevented a mishap. I'm just glad that the neighbours were there at the time he locked himself out.

Nat said...

Never ends na Dippy? What would they do without us? I have my own vacation coming up in 2 weeks and wonder how R is going to manage. He's been alternately moping and being brave...this despite having sisters, brothers and assorted family members within 1 mile radius.

The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Actually I agree with the general consensus too, Dipali.. the SRE is simply too cute :)

By the way, tagged you here:

Sands said...

well I am going to say sort of justified. The other part of me says, you should have trained him by leaving more frequently all these years :) Hope his knee is feeling better!!

dipali said...

@Nat: All the best to you and to R. May you enjoy your holiday without worrying too much about how he's going to manage.
@The Soul of Alec Smart: That he is!
I've finally managed to complete the tag.
@Sands: I didn't agonise so much in earlier years- refer the earlier post! The kids all blame me too:)
The knee is better now, thanks- no pain but some discomfort.