Sunday, August 28, 2011

I wonder where you are now, Lali

Three years since you left this mortal coil,
Do you find juicy, challenging cryptic crossword puzzles
in your little corner of heaven?
Can heaven even be heaven for you without fodder for your
phenomenal mind?

It's supposed to be just the soul that rises,
way above mere thought and other functions of life,
but who really knows???

This other world I imagine you inhabiting now
has crossword puzzles and sharp pencils,
and a mother who makes sure
her son's life is on track, in the world she left long years ago.
Her beloved is with her now,
and together forever, they look over a densely wooded lake
hearing the bird calls at dawn and dusk,
and he plays his ragas to her, and she translates Rafi songs....
And always, always the crossword puzzles,
an ironic passion for one
who rarely uttered a cross word.

My imagination fails magnificently,
I can only see you as you were.
I can only pray that your soul is at peace.
Rest in peace, my friend.
Rest in peace.

26th August, 2011


Sue said...

You are remembered with great fondness, Lali.

Anonymous said...

Met Lalitha via your blog Dipali. After she was gone. But can see why you miss her so much.She would be very touched with your tribute.

sukanya said...

Discovered Lalita through your blog. I still go and back read some of her posts..she was a phenomenal writer and is greatly missed. Lovely tribute to your friend.

Just Like That said...

sigh Dips. That post you linked up to was so sad..
And I loved your tribute to your friend too...

neha vish said...

Miss her. Hugs.

B o o. said...

Thats a beautiful post, Dips. Hugs.

Nat said...

Wishing her peace