Sunday, March 18, 2012

Granny Love

The frail old lady
accompanied by her family,
supported by stalwart young men
(and her four-clawed walking stick,
handed over to another while she ascends)
hoists herself up the stairs,
step by painful step,
pulling herself up by the bannisters
to reach the first floor apartment
where her grandson will have
the initial ritual with his bride-to-be.
Once she reaches the landing,
she asks her assistants to settle her saree pleats,
and give her a comb to tidy her hair.
She then pulls her necklace of gold beads
out of her cardigan, pats all garments into place
and enters the house,
beaming away.


Aneela Z said...

I know this granny!!

dipali said...

@Aneela: Of course you do!

Indian Home Maker said...

Love the attention to the comb, the gold beads and the cardigan before 'beaming away' :)

dipali said...

@Indian Home Maker: She was just delightful!

radha said...

Yes, have seen this happen so often!

dipali said...

@radha: It is somehow so heartening!