Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Brilliance of Moi- Part Deux

I amused myself quite thoroughly with my brilliance last March. It seems to be seasonal, since I did something equally brilliant today, just a few days later to the year!
I had to telephone a cousin in Delhi, whose number was not stored on my cell phone.
I took out my diary, looked up the number and dialled, only to be told that the number did not exist.
I then called up the cousin's sibling, who asked me to note down the number.
It looked very similar to the number I had dialled, in fact it was the very same number. Apart from the STD code, that is.

I had been trying to dial a Delhi number with the Kolkata STD code.


BongMom said... this is the first time you have done such a thing ? Well then I give you competition for I have done this far far more including never knowing how to dial the international mobile no.'s, I always put the code.

R's Mom said...

you are like my Amma..totally...she once tried calling Calcutta like crazy with a Baroda code..she got so upset that she called up Appa in the office and said that my mom's number isnt working and this and that..finally she figured out the wrong code *rolls eyes*

Nitya said...

:-) March madness affects us all! Lucky it's only one month of the year!!!

A day in the life of a MOM said...

Funny !

A Muser said...

So cute and funny!