Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Been away

Our travelling shoes seem firmly stuck to our feet.
The SRE and I spent the weekend before this in Gorgeous Goa, where we couldn't meet the wonderful Aneela, who was celebrating Eid out there, ( but then we were in Delhi this weekend, so we did meet her).
Our Goa trip was for the SRE's IIT batch reunuion, and a fine, frolicsome time was had by all. We had planned to spend an extra day in Goa, but the powers-that-be decided that the SRE 's presence was required elsewhere, so I actually spent the extra time all by myself, which wasn't bad at all.

I must tell you, gentle readers, how inspiring some of the SRE's batchmates are. One of them started learning Hindustani classical vocal music after he turned fifty, and is, within the space of 8-9 years, most adept. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the recital he gave us, and wished it had been longer.
Another one is treating patients, with great success, through an alternate healing system known as Su Jok. There are too many stories to share here. Mostly,though,  we were busy having fun, catching up, and forgetting that all of us were in our late-ish fifties!

Three nights and two days after our return from Goa (we both returned to Kolkata on Tuesday evening) we went to Delhi for some important personal work.We got back late last night, glad to be home again!

Of course I remembered Lalita on the 26th- it's been four years without her, four years of remembering her with or without reason- the turn of a phrase, the shape of a head, a voice, a crossword clue, a place we visited together, anything can remind me of this friend who was part of my life for so short a while. I miss you. There is so much I would have enjoyed sharing with you.

My blog will be five years old tomorrow. God bless you, dear blog. May you continue to enrich my life for many many years to come.


Aneela Z said...

it sure has enriched mine! Love you.

R's Mom said...

you went to Goa..what fun :)

Wow! I am totally at awe at SRE's friends..they are great...quite an inspiration eh?

and that photograph is so lovely...waiting to come to Calcutta to meet up with you

Unknown said...


life is all about reinventing onself eh?

glad to see SRE and you reinventing yourself. Age wage.. Bah!

you are as young as you think.. and blog!

happy bloggiversary Dipali.

Banno said...

I'm glad your blog is. May it continue to enrich our lives for many many years. Glad you are back.

neha vish said...

That blue kurta looks lovely on you!
Happy five years of blogging Dipali, what a great journey it has been!

(Also, I thought of Lali the other day..big hugs)

dipali said...

@ Aneela: Love you too!
@R's Mom: When do you come next? Looking forward to meeting you too.
@Sundar Narayanan: Thank you, Sundar:)
@Banno: Thank you! Blogging has introduced me to some wonderful people like you.
@Neha: Thank you. I can't think of Lali without remembering you too. So much has changed since then.....

Sue said...

Happy birthday-that-was!

dipali said...

@Sue: Thank you, Sue!

chandni said...

You were in Delhi and didn't tell me :(

I would have come over to Aneela's to see you!