Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Joyful ears!

Today I'm the girl
with flowers in her ears,
stars in her ears
Flowers like stars,
emerald and ruby,
star like flowers,
flower like stars
Happy stars
Farewell flowers
Embedded in silver
navaratna stones
and tiny black roses
Happy floral ears,
happy stellar ears
a tourmaline necklace,
so subtle, so fine...
I couldn't resist it,
it had to be mine,
Gifts from this city,
my love of seven years
I lived a great life here,
rich in much that I love
(I'm nearly in tears).
But no, I'll wear these flowers
with their magical powers
to restrain my fears,
and dam up those tears
with sparkling and happy
stars in my ears,
flowers in my ears,
the chimes of the future
alive in my ears.......


Sue said...

Oh well.

Ruma said...


dipali said...

@Sue: Very cryptic!
@Ruma: Thank you.

Mamma Mia Me a Mamma said...

Sigh...sigh...and sigh some more...with great big raindrops of tears :-(

dipali said...

@Mamma Mia Me a Mamma: When do we meet?