Friday, January 24, 2014

''Sorting Out Sid - Beer and Blogger Contest''

If, like me, you enjoy reading Yashodhara's blog and have enjoyed her first book, "Just Married, Please Excuse,"  you would be eagerly awaiting her second book, Sorting Out Sid. (I'm happy to say that I received mine a couple of days ago and it was worth the wait)
It's available now on Flipkart.

 Here's my entry for The Sorting Out Sid - Beer and Blogger Contest which is open till the 31st of January 2014: there's still time, so let's hear your beer stories too, dear readers!

                                             The Very High Cost of Beer

Beer costs what it costs, right? And it isn't expensive the way a good wine or a single malt can be.
And what would I know anyway? I'm a fake teetotaller who doesn't drink any form of alcohol, but happily consumes it in cakes and desserts. (That's not really relevant here). The SRE used to enjoy his drinks, including his beer, until a major health scare in 1998, which completely cured him of  his addiction to cigarettes, and also put a stop to his consumption of alcohol. It wasn't exactly forbidden, but since he was coming to terms with a new set of rules for his 'new' life, he decided not to drink at all. He would very very occasionally have a can of non-alcoholic beer, just for fun.

Cut to 2010. We were on holiday, one leg of which involved a cruise on the Nile. We would get up early each morning, go and visit the magnificent monuments along the river- all the way from the many many sphinxes in Luxor to the Valley of the Kings to the sheer magnificence of the Aswan Dam. We'd get back to our cruise boat for lunch and a much needed siesta, after our early start and morning of sight seeing in the enervating September heat. The evenings were spent on the upper deck of the ship, watching the sights on the river banks as we gently floated past. I would enjoy a cup or two of tea and cookies, and feel blissfully indolent and totally relaxed, as I absent mindedly read a few pages of my book while occasionally gazing at the river.  I think it was the sheer perfection of the setting that awakened the SRE's dormant thirst. The cruise ship had no such thing as non-alcoholic beer, so regular beer it was. A few beers over a few days in a perfect setting were enough to change the habits of the past twelve years.........

                                                                                               Aswan Dam

The beer seed was sown. Once the holiday was over, beer became a part of our lives once more. Which was all very well, but for its effect on the SRE's waistline. The suit he had worn a few months ago became unwearable by the time he had to travel abroad the following February. A new business suit was tailored for him, with the requisite margins. However, the margins cannot keep up with the impact of the beer on the waistline, so expensive suits have become a recurrent motif  in our lives. Our driver inherited a couple of them, some have been reserved so that the younger son can get them altered to his size. And so, to my great chagrin, the hidden costs far outweigh the actual cost of beer.......


KAMiNi said...

I spy, with my little eye, a Janet Evanovich. :D

dipali said...

@KAMiNi: Yes indeed! I borrowed a good stash from my daughter!

Sue said...

I love Janet Evanovich too, and borrow them from my mum!

Dipali, the hidden costs are high, of course, but the increased weight suits the SRE, to my way of thinking. He looks cuter. More grandfatherly. ;)

Yashodhara said...

Ha ha...thank you, sweet, sweet Dipali!

dipali said...

@Sue: That may well be true! When we were collating photographs for his 6oth birthday party, he looked shockingly skinny in many of them. However, his trousers and suits no longer give value for money:(
@Yashodhara: My pleasure!