Monday, March 10, 2014

A March morning!

The first warm day of March
ends with the crackle of lightning
and the roar of thunder.
Next morning's sky is dark
but darker still are the three buffaloes
trotting along to the patter of rain
pulling their carts behind them.
Most likely heaps of oranges
under the tarpaulin
Noida's latest trend in fruit marketing,
bullock carts and buffalo carts parked
on the side of the highways,
laden with the rich gold
of oranges and kinnows.
Summer dare not come yet, it seems-
not before Holi, yet a week away.
Each cool day is now a bonus.......


Anonymous said...

And it's raining again today on the 11th morning :) It's a cold early March this year!

Tall Girl in Japan said...

I've never seen march so cold and dreary.The rain is not doing good things to my spring flowers either !

dipali said...

@indianhomemaker: The clouds are playing hide and seek with us now!
@Ruch: I don't think it's good for the crops either :(