Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Ballad of the Brand New Parents

Blessed are we, blessed are we,
on that magical day when two become three
The baby arrives, welcomed by all
How much does she weigh? Is she only x cm tall?
So much joy, love and laughter
And then, once home, is what comes after :
An endless ride on a three-legged horse
Our days and our nights unbalanced, of course.
Perched as we are, precariously,
finding our balance, the two become three,
between joy, fatigue, and anxiety.
The baby is lovely,
especially when she sleeps,
but we do get worried
each time she weeps
And input and output form a new aspect
Never thought a dirty diaper would get so much respect
Its contents studied with concentration immense
Is it okay? Do we need to get tense?
Does the baby get enough to eat?
Is she hungry still? Has she burped or not?
We see her growing, ounce by ounce.
Look forward to the time when we can bounce
her on our knees, ever willing to please
Her Tiny Majesty.
Always at her beck and call, permanently in her thrall.
We laugh at the strange faces she often times makes
We call her strange names right now while we can
And end up laughing at our own silly jokes
With hearts in our mouths each time her doc pokes
and prods our tiny little child, so soft, so sweet,
so utterly precious, this little child whom we love and cherish
through the sleepless nights, the endless feeds,
the diapers, the swaddling, the smiles and the tears,
our love and concern, and our very real fears.
We pray that we may always do what is right
for our precious daughter, this tiny little mite.


Unknown said...

Lovely !
I can see that grandma cannot contain her joy,
and why not,you must enjoy ;)
It gives me a 'been there, done that' sort of a feeling but yes, every moment is truly special and should be cherished because kids grow up really fast :)

Aneela Z said...

Arey wah...Rishi Kapoor ki yaad aagayi.."Mai Shair Tou Nahi Lekin Eh Haseen Jab Se Dekha Mai Ne Tujh Ko Shahiri Aagayi"

Anjali said...

So true, Chachi! Beautifully captured...

Cee Kay said...

Beautifully expressed!

Sue said...

Oh yes, those early trips to the paediatrician.

I love that the Little Mouse inspires her grandmother to poetry.

The Bride said...

It's amazing how the wee majesties command their every whim be granted.

the mad momma said...

:) What Aneela said. Please keep writing. This was lovely.

From Doosi Nani to Pehli baar Dadi, you have to document the journey for us.

dipali said...

@Reshma: Thank you! Yes, it is delightful indeed!
@Aneela: Is sey pehley bhi toh kuchh naakaam sher pharmaaey the!
@Anjali: Thank you!
@Cee Kay: Thank you!
@Sue: The Little Mouse is a character:)
@The Bride: Great dictators, these babies:)
@AA_Mom: Thank you!
@The Mad Momma: I'll certainly try:)