Friday, May 23, 2014

The Colour Brown

My oldest child, my daughter M, has a strange relationship with the colour brown.
It annoys her.
Brown is perfectly acceptable for furniture and doors and window frames, things which are "naturally" brown.
Brown hair (human) and brown dogs are acceptable as well.
Brown clothes annoy her. So do brown walls and brown furnishings.
But mostly clothes. Mostly women's clothes.
Especially dull brown, mouse-y brown and greyish browns, and even beige.
I even once found myself apologising, pre-emptively, for wearing a beautiful beige and maroon saree that a friend had given me.
If you happen to be driving with her, or walking around someplace, and you see someone in a brown outfit, be prepared for M's Brown Rant. It mostly questions the wearer's motivation, and has her suggesting all kinds of colours which would look so much better. Age is no bar. Young or old, if M sees you in a brown outfit, you are lucky if you don't know her! It is difficult, if not impossible, for her to accept that Other People may actually like brown clothes!

She reminds me very much of the spouse and his relationship with pumpkins.


Hip Grandma said...

I have a similar phobia with pink. I don't mind others wearing pink. For myself it is a No".......

I have given away two pink saris in kanjeeepuram silk, a designer saree that I could wear for an entire lifetime even with people telling me that the saris looked good on me.

I cannot explain my uneasiness when I wear them.

Shail said...

We would surely get along. I am not fond of browns (in clothes only) :D

ani said...

why oh why am i now humming Honey Singh's "Brown Rang"!!!