Thursday, February 22, 2018

Solitary Sleeper

This winter we've had a strange 

"almost-companion" as we sleep. 

One solitary pigeon sleeps on top of  the split air-conditioner's connecting pipe. 

Sleeping there is bad enough, since it also tends to excrete just below its perch. 

More than that, though, is the problem I face when our feathered neighbour suffers from insomnia. 

Why wouldn't it, considering the ridiculous size of its sleeping perch? 

The insomniac pigeon makes the weirdest of sounds, like horses galloping on gravel.

The occasional change in position I can understand, but when my actual bed-mate snores, and the 

insomniac pigeon scratches and scrapes on its perch, it renders me insomniac too. Perhaps it sleeps 

too early: roosting about half an hour before sundown means a very long night.

And why are you all alone, Pigeon? 

                                          The rest of the enormous pigeon population that occupies our apartment 

complex seems to believe in couple-dom and family life, billing and cooing in the building shafts 

and the ledges of bathroom windows.

Are you lonely, Pigeon?

Did someone break your heart?

I can only let you sleep on the a/c pipe, undisturbed...


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Even the solitary pigeon does not make me love the pigeon clan. The sounds they make can be very disturbing. Poor you.

dipali said...

@batulm: Yes, there is absolutely nothing lovable about the pigeon family! Total pests.

Aneela Z said...

I look at all the pictures of uncles and aunts feeding pigeons at Trafalgar Square and wonder WHY?