Monday, April 14, 2008

I asked the moon......

This song has got into my head and isn't leaving it:

Maine poocha chand se
ki dekha hai kahin
mere yaar sa haseen?
Chand ne kaha
Chandni ki kasam
Nahin, nahin, nahin.

A very rough translation:

I asked the moon
if it had seen
anyone, anywhere
as beautiful as my beloved?
The moon replied,
I swear upon the moonlight
No, no, no.

This rather corny lyric was sung by the inimitable Mohammed Rafi (for the 1980 movie Abdullah, lyrics Anand Bakshi, music RD Burman). But it sprang unbidden into my mind yesterday, and isn't leaving.
The Sometimes Resident Engineer has been a weekend husband for the past couple of weeks, spending the working week in Durgapur. He got back on Saturday morning, was supposed to go to Raichak and cancelled his plans, and just hung around the house,snoozing between phone calls from the factory, doing Sudoko, switching on the TV two seconds after I switched on the radio, not switching on fans (how he sits there in the sweltering heat is beyond me) and not switching off the bathroom lights, and generally pottering around! And it was wonderful. We didn't go out of the house, and didn't even think about it either.
Maybe more than a couple of days would be a bit too much, but I know how much I've changed over the years. Sundays used to be days of mismatched expectations, leading to almost inevitable warfare. When he's around, I no longer bother about tidying our room or making the bed or dusting, or care about going out to be entertained. Having him around is all the entertainment I need. Am I growing old?
Or just sensible?

Having him around must have brought that song to my mind. And to my eyes, of course there's no one as beautiful!


Parul said...

Awwwwww...and I am certain he feels the same way too :-)

Cool post!

Indian Home Maker said...

This is so much like what I go through! Love such days! It's so nice to have them at home... It's like you're on a holiday, or enjoying a lazy weekend :)
PS But I get such days in huge doses and I must confess that after the initial euphoria is over, I am invariably dropping no-so-subtle hints about the golf set requiring some dusting and exercise!

Space Bar said...

Yesterday when there was only the title I wondered what happened. This is such a sweet post. And what a line this is! - 'Sundays used to be days of mismatched expectations, leading to almost inevitable warfare.'

dipali said...

@Parul: I thought of you and almost wrote 'stupid Durgapur'!
@indianhomemaker: I think he was too exhausted to think of golf. More than a couple of days may be tough to handle!
@space bar: Thanks. I think Blogger just loved the title and couldn't wait for me to write the post:)

Banno said...

Sunday evening warfare. Yes, when you learn to concede that battle, then every day is a holiday. Have lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

:) That just read like such a happy and content post. >:D< HUGS

Sukhaloka said...

Awww, how lovely! No wonder I like being around you two so much.

"Stupid Durgapur" indeed. :)
[Parul: I did read about "stupid frankfurt", by the way.]

Unknown said...

Sensible my dear. we're all growing up ( note - I didnt say 'old')

Nat said...

**blush blush** dipali ji ye kya ho gaya hai aapko??!!
lol! great going woman - enoy the pottering and 'moonlight'!

Maggie said...

Aww, that's the sweetest post.

But on another note - these men - they completely win in the end, don't they? ;-)

dipali said...

@banno: with us it could be any time of the blessed day! Such idiots we were!
@threedrinkahead: Thanks, and hugs to you, too:)
@suki: so many stupid cities!
@eve'slungs: growing! (it looks like my circumference is attaining maximum growth!)
@nat: yeh dipaliji kaun hain?
I should burst into an even more ancient song: "abhi to main jawaan hoon":)
@chox: :)
@candyfloss: That's because they have such nice wives :)

the mad momma said...

Sunday is still a day of mismatched expectations and warfare around here. i think i shall take heart from you and hope that in another 20 years we get there!

dipali said...
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dipali said...

@the mad momma: My kids are most upset about our being so peaceful now. They witnessed the worst of the Sunday battles and feel that we used to fight because of them.
(Which of course we did sometimes, but not always).
Plus there were the kids' expectations of Sunday floating around as well!

Mama - Mia said...

awwwwwww!! :)

what you said is so true! :)

whether you getting old or sensible, if resulty is happy times who really cares! :)

my hubby was worried about not doing something 'special" for my birthday. and i kept telling him that the fact he is around for my birthday afta two years makes up for everything!! :)

ofcos the mushy cards and Calvin and Hobbes that i asked for adeed to it!! hehe!