Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two Today!

'Of this and that' is now two years old.
My life has been enriched by many wonderful people, both in the real world as well as on the blogosphere, many of whom I read long before I started blogging. They also encouraged me to start my own blog, which is now such an integral part of my life. Thanks for all the support, folks.
The technology that has made this possible never ceases to amaze me, especially as I belong to a generation in whose lives even telephones were not very commonly owned, and peripatetic people like me would lose touch with friends as the initial enthusiasm for letter writing inevitably diminished. It is tremendously satisfying to know that with a working internet connection, I can be in touch with my friends anywhere in the world. Many of the bloggers I read or interact with over the internet or in the real world are much younger than I am, and it's good to know their opinions on the things that matter to them. I think they keep me far more attuned to my own kids than I might have been otherwise.

A friend sent me this delightful prayer, which I dedicate to all of you, my dear readers.

Dear Lord,

Every single evening
As I'm lying here in bed,
This tiny little Prayer
Keeps running through my head:

God bless all my family
Wherever they may be,
Keep them warm
And safe from harm
For they're so close to me.

And God, there is one more thing
I wish that you could do;
Hope you don't mind me asking,
Please bless my computer too.

Now I know that it's unusual
To Bless a motherboard,
But listen just a second
While I explain it to you, Lord.

You see, that little metal box
Holds more than odds and ends;
Inside those small compartments

Rest so many of my friends.

I know so much about them
By the kindness that they give,
And this little scrap of metal
Takes me in to where they live.

By faith is how I know them
Much the same as you.
We share in what life brings us
And from that our friendships grew.

Please take an extra minute
From your duties up above,
To bless those in my address book
That's filled with so much love.

Wherever else this prayer may reach
To each and every friend,
Bless each e-mail inbox
And each person who hits 'send'.

When you update your Heavenly list
On your own Great CD-ROM,
Bless everyone who says this prayer
Sent up to GOD.Com


starry eyed said...

That is such an apt prayer Dipali! Sign o the times, totally!

Happy bloggy bir'day! It's been lovely reading your blog for the short while I've been around. Hows the hand? Take care.

DotThoughts said...

what a lovely poem and sooo true in this age! Happy bloggy budday to you. Wishing you many many happy bloggy years ahead.

SUR NOTES said...

its been lovely to visit this blog....and wonderful to find a comment from this blogger on my posts.

thanks dipali- also for stepping out of the blogosphere and trekking across town for my screening, making the effort to come home for lunch- and ofocurse the lovely package i got in the mail.

Space Bar said...

congratuations, Dipali! Big hugs and lots of love.

Unknown said...

Lovely prayer Dipali. Happy bloggy birthday . I also have to thank you for pulling me out of the blogosphere and into the real world:)

Usha said...

Congratulations - wishing you many more years of blogging and sharing.
As for the prayer - amen!

Trishna said...

happy bloggy burday,Dipali:)Its been a pleasure knowing you:)
Lovely poem

MiM said...

hey! your blog is a toddler :-)
so what are you worrying about being older than the rest?
toddlers are young!

Choxbox said...

happy blogbudday!

Unknown said...

happy blog birthday mommy and lookinf forward to many many posts!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

What a lovely, lovely poem! Thanks for sharing :)

And CONGRATULATION!! Happy bloggie budday! Wishinh 'this and that' much, much more of 'these and those'! And lots of 'us' as well! :D

dipali said...

@starry eyed: Thanks. It's been great reading your blog and your comments!
@DotThoughts:Thank you kindly, Dots:)
@SUR NOTES: Knowing you is a privilege and a pleasure! Hope we meet again soon.
@Space Bar: Thanks, dear. Love and peace, and hugs too:)
@eve's lungs: It's great being out there, isn't it?
@Usha: Thank you. This new world is really awesome!
@Trishna: Likewise! Thanks.
@MiM: Now I know why I run to all the young moms out there! For help with my youngest baby:)
@choxbox: Thunkoo:)
@Maneesha: Thanks. Writing the following post brought many shared memories- notably of the horse that may talk!
@M4: Thanks, dear. Where art thou, young lady? Invisible ITRW:(

Magical Homes said...

:) I mostly lurk around but this deserves a cheers!

Poppy said...

Congratulations Dips! I remember how you crossed over from avid wise commenter to blogger, and am so happy you made that switch!

Sue said...

Happy borrday, bloggy!

Mom Gone Mad said...

Well done, Dipali! It has been awesome getting to know you. And here's hoping to you keep writing. Hows the fracture coming along, dear friend? Still in pain or manageable?

Subhashree said...

Happy blog-birthday! What a lovely prayer!

Rohini said...

Cool! Let's hope blogs don't have Terrible Tows ;)

Nino's Mum said...

Happy 2 dipali!
I'm so so so glad my motherboard helped me find you too :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Two years, that's excellent. And thank you for sharing the beautiful prayer.

mummyjaan said...

Hmmm... I didn't realize you had only been blogging for the past 2 years. I thought you'd been around for much longer...

Happy bloggy b'day, Dips. (Belated, of course.)

the mad momma said...

congratulations doosi nani :)

wordjunkie said...

Happy blog birthday!

dipali said...

@everyone: Thanks. All of you make my blogging worthwhile:)