Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am

This post is not about Onir's brilliant movie, which hits you hard with the truth of each of the four stories. Do see it if you can.

The Soul of Alec Smart has tagged me for this, and it seems to require a lot of introspection and even more revelations about me. I wonder if I even know myself so well..........

Every phrase needs to be completed with three answers about yourself. Easy to figure as you go.

I am

Mostly easy going, as long as you don't tread on my toes.

Paradoxically fond of having both lots to do and nothing to do.

More anxious than I care to admit.

I want

Peace and quiet. I hate noise in residential areas.

To ultimately live in a house of my own, so that I don't have to keep moving myself and my worldly goods across the country.

To get rid of a lot of those worldly goods!

I have

A family that means the world to me.

Wonderful friends who have enriched my life unimaginably.

A deep sense of gratitude for all that is good in my life.

I wish

That the world was less of a mess in so many terms- wars, environment, corruption, gender inequality, hunger and poverty, education.......

That I had the will power to be a lot lighter, and much less of a glutton.

That I knew a lot more about a whole lot of things. Well, I'm living and learning.

I hate

Violence in any form, especially mob violence.

Oppression and injustice, and the growing divide between the haves and the have-nots.

Fanaticism and fundamentalism.

I fear

Mob violence.

Natural calamities.

Debilitating illnesses for self and loved ones.

I hear

The sound of birds chirping every morning and at dusk.

The pain of others, which I try to alleviate but often cannot.

An undercurrent of intolerance, injustice and unfairness in the conversations of many.

I search

For missing/misplaced documents/keys/my husband's reading glasses/things that are right under my nose.

For inner peace and harmony.

For my role in this particular stage of my life.

I wonder

At the beauty of this world- of mountains and forests, trees and birds, babies and young children, wrinkled old joyful faces.

At the incredible depth and vastness of Hindustani classical music.

At man's inhumanity to man.

I regret

The grief others have caused to their dear ones, including me, by their lack of foresight and/or prudence.

My inability to smoothen the paths of those dear to me.

My lack of motivation to achieve cherished goals.

I love

My family and other animals!

Nature in all its glory.

Music of many kinds, movies, theatre, dance, art, literature- all things that enhance and enrich lives.

I always

Double check my house keys before stepping out of my front door.

Carry a large handbag.

Have extra strong sugar free mints in the bag!

I ache

For a more peaceful world.

For my late brother, who predeceased our parents.

For my children when they face tough times.

I usually

Walk 4-6 days a week.

Drink lots of water.

Keep my house reasonably tidy.

I am not

As fit as I'd like to be.

Very forgiving. I take my time.

Confrontational if I can help it.

I dance

Rarely now- I used to 'waltz' with my son when he was young.

When I want to express my freedom and joy at being alone.

When the beat gets inside me- I've been known to do a little jig in malls if the music's right.

I sing

Brilliantly in the bathroom!

Old Saigal songs.

Less than I used to, thanks to the discriminating listeners in my family!

I never

Say never: you never know what Life will make you do.

Wear synthetic materials if I can help it.

Manage to be as organised as I'd like to be.

I rarely

Offer unasked for advice.

Wear make up.

Wear high heels now- my feet are getting crabby:(

I cry

When I lose my temper.

At some memories of loss.

At suffering I cannot help heal.

I am not always




I lose

Things that are right under my nose, then I'm agitated till I've found them.

My cool, sometimes.

Perspective, sometimes.

I’m confused

By this tag!

By instructions on electronic equipment.

By many of the applications on my phone, most of which I choose to ignore.

I need

Many more bookshelves.

Less books. I do buy some, but I'm also a library user, but the SRE buys books quite compulsively.

A house with fabulous storage facilities and no clutter.

I should

Pray without ceasing.

Be a little less morbid than I've been recently.

Eat less.

I dream

Of Sant Kabir's 'Ghar Nyaara'.

Of not being diabetic.

Of being above such mundane things as chocolates!

This took a lot of thought and a fair bit of time. Whoever is inspired by this, please do take it up!


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Very well-written.. though you were confused by the tag, anyone reading this would get to know you better and like you all the more :)

Thanks for doing this.. My favourite snippet of it is finding out that you could be spotted doing a little jig in a mall. You're my kind of a girl! :)

dipali said...

@The Soul of Alec Smart: Thank you!!! I'm grinning from ear to ear as I type!

Anil P said...

"Old Saigal songs"

Ah, what an era they remind of.

dipali said...

@Anil P: They were old even when I was young, but somehow my father's love for them made sure they became part of my being.
I think Saigal's songs cover so many emotional states.

R's Mom said...

Super cute post...I loved the
I search, I always, I usually (you walk 4 - 6 times a week!!! *Gasp*)

dipali said...

@R's Mom: I have to- I'd be bigger and fatter if I didn't:(I'm also not a working mom with a little kid!

Choxbox said...

Lovely Dips!

dipali said...

@Choxbox: Thank you!

Sue said...

This other animal loves you right back. :)

Pepper said...

Absolutely great responses :)

dipali said...

@Sue: Thank you, my pet:)
@Pepper: Thank you!

mayG said...

Aww dippy! I can't imagine you doing that little jig in the mall if the mood strikes, sure sounds like a fun thing to do! Loving all your responses, will take it uo too!

mayG said...

Aww dippy! I can't imagine you doing that little jig in the mall if the mood strikes, sure sounds like a fun thing to do! Loving all your responses, will take it uo too!

dipali said...

@MayG: Good to have you back! Waiting to read your responses:)

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