Friday, June 17, 2011

The rain came pouring down today

The rain came today in full force,
here, in Kolkata.
(Yesterday was just a gentle prelude
a "quality of mercy" kind of rain.)
The maid didn't come.
Couldn't, actually.
And in this age of cell phones,
she could phone and tell me
long before her
regular ETA.

The older son is here
and he kindly offered
to do the washing up
But I declined.
Kumar Gandharva's
Nirguni bhajans,
delicious droplets blowing in
through the open door
and a cool breeze
all added up to
Zenful dish washing.


R's Mom said... cousin just msged me saying it finally rained in Calcutta :) dishwashing is it :) how about some hot chai and pakodas..or some hot luchi n alurdum :)

dipali said...

@R's Mom: I'm sure chai and pakodas will be on today's agenda:)

Just Like That said...

LOL at zenful dishwashing! And you have a neem tree outside your home? How lovely!!!!

dipali said...

@Just Like That:
The neem and kadamb stand cheek by jowl
Just outside the compound wall:)

Sands said...

that definitely calls for garam chai and pakodas. Did you have any?

Sue said...

Vicky and I drove around for ages last night, just enjoying the empty roads and the endless rain. Came home refreshed and quietly happy. I love the monsoons.

dipali said...

@Sands: We had alu parathas for lunch and ginger-lemon tea ad pakodas in the evening, thanks to the son being at home- on my own I just would have felt too lazy to make anything!
@Sue: Sounds lovely! I love the rains too, especially since I bought my IFB drier some years ago:)

Pepper said...

Ohh.. you actually make dishwashing sound so blissful to me. And that is quite a task. I should try and be like you. But on the other hand, it can feel blisfull cos unlike me, you don't have to do it everdyay .. :)

dipali said...

a) I don't have to do it every day
b) I don't have to rush off to work.
I'm okay with doing practically anything as long as I'm not rushed for time. That makes me irritable.

Dipika Singh said...

i used to love cal in the rains. mumbai is good too.i once remember paying a haath rickshaw at free school street 50 bucks to just help me cross the street :D Later I got used to the rains.

dipali said...

@Dipika: The rickshaw chap must have been so pleased!!!! I'd rather not venture into flooded streets now, though I used to love sploshing and splashing when I was much younger!

Banno said...

The view from your window is so peaceful and lovely. I'd feel zenful too. :)

Gayatri said...

- Lovely :)
- I sigh from chennai.Yester the temp hit 40..when do we get our monsoons????

dipali said...

@Banno: That's the view from two bedroom balconies. The kitchen overlooks the neighbouring building, has a lovely gulmohar further away. But still a view:)
@Gayatri: The Chennai heat is dreadful, I know. I do recall getting flood worthy rain much later in the year, usually October-November, if I remember correctly.